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The placing of an obituary notice on this page will only be undertaken on receipt of instructions from the Branch Secretary, or from the Branch Secretaries from any of the other Branches of NARPO within the South Wales Police area.

For additional help and guidance to those who may need it when dealing with the death of a loved one or family member please 

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Nobody wants to think about death but most people would like to think that they will have a respectful and meaningful funeral. Many of you will be aware that for many years, retired police officers who have served in the South Wales Police area are entitled to a force drape on their coffin with a helmet (or cap) and gloves provided. The drape is very dignified, dark blue in colour with the force crest and the words ‘SOUTH WALES POLICE’ printed thereon.


We are aware that there are many of our members who are not eligible to use the force drape e.g. wives and partners and some members who now reside in our area but have never served in South Wales. It may also be the case that some former South Wales officers would prefer not to have the force drape but would like an alternative.

Your committee has now purchased an official N.A.R.P.O. drape which is very dignified, dark blue in colour with embroidered crests. A range of police headwear and gloves is also available to place on the coffin if requested.


With effect from 1st.December, 2014, a request for the drape to be used can be made to your welfare representative Dave A’Herne (029 20862913) or your secretary Alan Greaves (029 20618316). There will be no charge for the use of the drape and it will be delivered to and collected from the undertaker concerned without having to concern those making the funeral arrangements.


                                                                                                     Alan Greaves    Secretary

                British Humanist Association




"Steve Parry retired from the force in 2014 having served for 30 years in South Wales including serving Ely in the 1980’s, Lanederyn, Rumney and St Melons in the 90’s and two stints as a trainer. He is a member of the Glamorgan branch of N.A.R.P.O. as are his father and his uncle. He is qualified as a Humanists UK accredited celebrant and conducts humanist and non-religious Weddings, Vow Renewal, Namings and Funerals. He has conducted the funerals of several retired police officers and the family members of many of his ex-colleagues.


He would like to conduct some happier ceremonies for our members as well being able to help you in your time of sadness


Steve’s contact details : 



Telephone: 01446 349017  (24 hours)


South Wales Police - Force Standard Bearer

Ian C 1.jpg

Since retiring from the South Wales Police Ian Cameron (Sgt) has taken up the role of becoming the South Wales Police Standard bearer.  


Ian has advised the branch that he is prepared (subject to his availability) to attend as standard bearer the funerals of any serving or retired Police Officers.


Should any relative wish to request the attendance of Ian as the force standar bearer can they please make direct contact with him in order to make the necessary arrangements

Ian can be contacted as follows:

TeL: 07518 252653



Thank You

The following message has been received by Mr. John Revill from Frank Bassett's daughter Jane.

' The family of the late Frank Bassett would like to thank everyone who attended his funeral service, and for their kind thoughts and messages at such a sad time “. 

Thank you



Thank You

The following message has been received from Mr. Gerard Petersen on behalf of Mrs. Jackie Gregory


I have been asked to convey the following ‘thanks’ -

On Thursday 13/4/23 the funeral of retired DI Barrie Gregory took place at the VOG Crematorium The service was attended by numerous, colleagues and friends.

Barrie’s wife, Mrs Jackie Gregory would like to thank all those that attended the service, shared memories after the service, and sent messages and cards of condolences. 

Everyone’s presence and contact has been appreciated by her and their extended family.
“Thank you.”

Can you kindly circulate to your members?
Gerard Petersen


Thank You

The following message of thanks has been received from Mrs Jane Baker 

On behalf of my family and myself I write to thank everyone who were kind enough to send us messages of condolence and for their wonderful cards.  I would especially like to thank Mr. Ian Cameron for attending as the standard bearer.

Thank you also for generosity in the donations made to both the Marie Curie and Cancer Research Wales charities in Mike's memory.




Thank You

The following message of thanks has been received from Mrs Jennie Helm

On behalf of my family and myself I write to thank each and everyone who were kind enough to send us messages of condolence and for their wonderful cards.

Thank you also for generosity in the donations made to the British Heart Foundation in Ken's memory





The following has been received from Mr. Alan Greaves on behalf of Rose Clarke

Hi all,


I have been requested by Rose Clarke to convey her appreciation to all those 'attended' the funeral of Richie yesterday by lining the route and seeing him into the crematorium grounds.

In her own words, she was overwhelmed by the attendance and the respect and love shown to Richie and herself. She is sure that Richie would have been a very proud man.


Very best wishes.    






The following has been received from Mr Alan Greaves on behalf of Christine Cotter.


Hi all.


I have spoken to Christine Cotter this morning and

she has asked that I circulate her appreciation to

everyone who sent messages of condolence and 

who lined the route for Stuart's funeral. 


She and her sons were very touched by the response to 

their loss and will never forget the kindness shown.


Very best wishes.     




Hi Alan, I hope you’re well. Apologies it’s taken so long to send this since Dad’s funeral. 


Both my sister and I, along with the rest of our family, would like to thank you and NARPO so much for helping to make Dad’s funeral such a special occasion. 


I think I mentioned when we initially spoke that, when I asked Dad some time ago whether he had any specific thoughts about his funeral he said “no, just to let people know that I was in the Police Force”. Well I think the day would have definitely exceeded his expectations. 


It was so nice seeing and talking with some of Dad’s colleagues at the funeral and the wake. I particularly have fond memories of Joe Taylor coming over our house when I was a lot younger. A lovely man.


Thank you once again Alan. We wanted the day to be a celebration of Dad’s life and do him justice and you have made a huge contribution to us achieving that.


Kind regards

Paul and Debbie Vincent


The following message has been received from Heather:   

Hi Paul

Could you please pass on my thanks to all the friends and ex-colleagueswho attended Steve's funeral this Tuesday. There were so many peoplethere I didn't have time to speak to everyone.

Lots of people commented on how smart everyone looked, Steve would no doubt have approved of that.  It was a lovely reminder of how much he was respected, and how the police family looks after each other.

Thanks also for the cards andletters which continue to arrive.

The standard bearer Ian added an important touch to the ceremony,  he fulfilled his duties with expertise so my grateful thanks to him.

Thanks again to you Paul for all you do keeping us all in touch.


Jennifer Kiff & Family Acknowledgement

Jennifer Kiff has requested that a message be circulated thanking those who attended the funeral and everyone for the numerous messages and cards following Rylan's death.


Dear Cardiff Branch Members,

I know this is rather late but may I thank all his work colleagues and friends especially to Mr. Alan Greaves and Mr John Blackburn who spoke at his funeral for their kind words and anecdotes about his service time in the Cardiff City and South Wales police force.  He had a retirement where we travelled together all over Europe with friends and in our campervan in this country and France.we had such great times together in our 48 years we together.

So may I thank you all once again from Anne& Jason. PROBERT.

P.s could you please publish this letter in your next e-mail to your members.


Anne and family of the late Robert (Bob) Holley, would like to thank all who attended the funeral.

Also, thanks to those who sent cards and messages of condolence, many bouquets of flowers to Anne and all the donations given to Velindre Hospital.

Thank you to Alan, our close friend, for arranging the police motorcycle escort, the police standard bearer and the police drape, helmet and gloves, also for speaking about Bob so warmly. All these things made the service very special to us.

Kind regards


Anne Holley


The following message has been received from Terry Vickery:

Thank you for circulating the death of my daughter, Helen.

Would you, please, circulate the following: 

Terry and Kath Vickery thank all at NARPO for their prayers, cards and condolences at the loss of their precious daughter, Helen.


Please remember her with prayers, love and laughter.

Many, many thanks.



The below letter of acknowledgement has been received from Mrs Shirley Webster in relation to the funeral of her late husband Len.  The black box has been placed on the image merely to hide the contact details 


Elaine Lamburn and Family Acknowledgement

Elaine and Family would like to express their gratitude for the help and support they received following the death of Cliff.  A thank you to all who attended the funeral and the many cards and messages of sympathy.  


Further thanks to South Wales Police and Sgt Carl Morgan for arranging the ceremonial flag, police helmet and gloves and to the choristers of the Bridgend Male Voice Choir.


A special mention and thanks to the South Wales Police Dog Section for providing the Guard of Honour. 


Kind Regards,


Huw Lamburn (DC2818 Retired) 


Geoff Baker and Family Acknowledgement

On behalf of my whole family and myself, I wish to convey our sincere appreciation for the cards, messages of sympathy and support from N.A.R.P.O. members and former colleagues and to those who attended the funeral.


Zena and I were married for 69 years and I and the family will miss her greatly.

Rachel Limbrick on Behalf of Margaret Cotterell and family

The following has been extracted from Facebook and is reproduced here for the benefit of our members who do not use Facebook or other Social Media.

I have never been so proud as I was today. From the bikes arriving at the house and leading us down the motorway, to the mounted horses at the gates of the crem.


The police holding the traffic for the funeral procession. To the Head of all police forces in Wales saluting Dad through the doors. The hundreds of people at the crem bursting through the doors. The singing was out of this world. The hundreds of people that followed us back to the hotel, with stories of Dad that they all shared.

Greenwillow funeral homes did us proud.To my own part, which I believe I did him proud. Thank you to everyone for being there. For your donations and kind words. If there was ever a send off to be proud off. I reckon that was it!


Night night Dad, I hope you enjoyed it. X

For those that attended the funeral the collection that was made at the service and at the continued celebration of life event at the hotel raised £1,055.00 for Breast Cancer Wales

Mrs Elaine Shellard and Family Acknowledgement

The following has been received from Elaine Shellard on behalf of Bill Rowlands Family


Hello Alan,


I'd like to thank you and your colleagues for attending Dad's funeral on Monday. It was gratifying to know that there are still people connected to the police who remember him. Thank you also for arranging the NARPO drape and the hat and gloves...they were a lovely touch and much appreciated.


Thanks again from all Bill's family,



Elaine Shellard 

Mrs Shirley Cotterall and Family Acknowledgement

The following has been received from Shirley:

'The reason I am writing is to ask you if it would be possible to put a Thank you on the site to all John's many friends from the Police Force who came to Thornhill and gave John such a wonderful send off, Jonathan, Kevin and I really appreciated it, we couldn't have asked for better for him.

Kind regards,


Mr. Howards Evans - Williams and Family Acknowledgement


Maureen Evans-Williams - NARPO Life Member 

Maureen`s husband Howard (Retired Sgt 1691T, ETS) and Richard their son wish to thank everyone for all the Condolence Cards


They very much appreciated the large turnout of Family, friends & colleagues who were able to attend the Memorial Service.

 Donations to the Marie Curie Hospice totalled £2000.00

Aug 2017

Mr. Tony Clark - Family Acknowledgement

The following message has been received from Tony Clark following the funeral of his daughter Siân


Dear All

We are indebted to all of you for your wonderful support following our recent bereavement.

Siân had a great send off and made such an impact in her relatively short life that she can never be forgotten.


Tony and Myfanwy Clark

April 2017

Mr. Jeffrey Lynne Brown - Family Acknowledgement

The following message has been received from Chris Brown  


Hi Paul/Webmaster,


My dad Jeffrey Lynne 'JL' Brown former Tredegar, Rhymney and New Tredegar RFC second row sadly passed away unexpectedly on 9th February 2017 aged 73 . Dad often attended the C and D Division Police Rugby do's and played as a 'guest' in a few of the C versus D division 'friendlies' back in the 80's...and many people will remember him on an hilarious tour with a combined Cardiff Police RFC/Rhiwbina RFC Vets Rugby Tour to Whitley Bay and Edinburgh in 1999 with his old mate Dai Barwood.


A big thanks to everyone who contacted me offering their condolences and recalling their memories of my Dad back in those happier times.   Chris Brown​

Mr. Stephen Conway - Funeral - Family Acknowledgement

The following information has been received from the Cardiff Branch Secretary


Sorry it's a bit late,but a big thank you for all your help regarding the funeral and the advice you have given to Caryn.  I know Steve would have loved the coffin cover and the helmet and gloves,he went out the way he would have wanted.
May I through you also thank all the members of NARPO who were kind enough to express their condolences and who attended the funeral. It's not until something like this happens that you  realise that that you really are a part of The Police Family
Once again many thanks from us all.

Kind regards,

Feb 2017

Mrs. Madelaine Lee - Funeral - Family Acknowledgement


Bob Lee has requested that we circulate his sincere appreciation to all of those who sent condolence messages and attended the funeral of his wife, Medelaine, last Tuesday.


A collection at the service raised an amazing £1132.00 for Marie Curie at Holme Towers.

Feb 2017

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