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From time to time we all get to hear of family, former colleagues, who wish to give something back by supporting a charity by undertaking a whole variety of events from Coffee Mornings through to jumping out of a perfectly servicable plane that is going to land probably before you do, on the end of a parchute to climbing mountains etc... NARPO Cardiff Branch have always tried to support these individuals or groups whenever it can. The purpose of this page is to provide an advertising medium for those participating in such events and details of how they can be sponsored e.g. 'Just giving .com' etc. If you know of any member, their families, or any former colleagues who could benefit from a bit of free publicity please let the secretary know the details for inclusion here.


We have received the following appeal for help from our member Mr Jeff Barley.  Perhaps you can help this worthy cause:


Dear Paul,


As you know, until recently I lived in Caerphilly along with the rest of my family. My Grandchildren attended the local comprehensive school where they became friends of another boy, Ethan,( the subject of this appeal ) with whom my grandson played soccer with at the local football club.


Since those fun filled days Ethan has developed a very aggressive form of cancer which has brought an end to his active life, now being totally dependent on various forms of debilitating Cancer treatment.

The full story can be found in the 'Go Fund Me' link below in which tells of a final push by Ethan's family to raise funds for a personalised form of treatment for Ethan, only available in Germany and Japan.

All I ask is that you share Ethan's plight with our membership through the NARPO website, in the hope that it touches the hearts of others who may wish, in whatever small way, to donate towards giving this young man a chance of a better life.

Thank you Paul,

Jeff Barley

If you want to help simply click on the link below go straight to the go fund me page, where you can read a lot more about Ethan's story.


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