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From time to time we all get to hear of family, former colleagues, who wish to give something back by supporting a charity by undertaking a whole variety of events from Coffee Mornings through to jumping out of a perfectly servicable plane that is going to land probably before you do, on the end of a parchute to climbing mountains etc... NARPO Cardiff Branch have always tried to support these individuals or groups whenever it can. The purpose of this page is to provide an advertising medium for those participating in such events and details of how they can be sponsored e.g. 'Just giving .com' etc. If you know of any member, their families, or any former colleagues who could benefit from a bit of free publicity please let the secretary know the details for inclusion here.




Stephen Paul Oliver, (OLLIE)  is not a person who can simply 'Chill Out'.  

Paul is remembered by the vast majority of people who got to know him inside and outside the job, as being the one who set many challenges for himself and sometimes others who joined/got roped into helping take part in numerous fundraising activities to raise money for numerous charities.

Events such as cycling around sections of the Tour de France course, running marathons, more cycle trips the list can go on never seemed to phase him or the others who took part. 

You would have thought that after retiring, he would have packed away his trainers, running kit, bikes etc and simply settled down.  That, however, is not the case.  Paul has now set himself a new challenge and is looking for support in raising money for Cancer Research UK.  

Saturday 15th June 2024 will see Paul don his kit again and participate in the Big HIike - Brecon Beacons Half Marathon  He has set up a fundraising page for those who would like to support/sponsor this endeavour.  His target goal is £500, but we are sure with your help Paul can smash this target out of the park.  To donate please click on the link below or copy it into your web browser





Our Branch Secretary has received the following appeal for help from Police Care UK,  their appeal is reproduced in full below:


Dear Paul


I hope you’re well, and thank you for supporting Police Care UK throughout the year.


I thought you may be interested to know that this week we are excited to be launching our Christmas Appeal with the aim to help fund for our vital work supporting the UK police community, and their families who have been harmed as a result of their policing role.


The festive period is a time for celebrating with friends and family, gathering together and giving to others, but as you know, for those still working in policing it can be a difficult time spent away from their loved ones and picking up the pieces when things go wrong. Over the past decade, Police Care UK has awarded more than £10m in grants to individuals and policing organisations and today we are providing an opportunity to support to continue this work, and maintain a safe place for colleagues in need to come to. This includes retired officers and staff.


Whether buying a Christmas card, sending a digital card, or making a donation, your money will go directly towards funding our services and helping our UK police community.


To find out more please follow us on social media, and perhaps circulate this email to your ex-colleagues and friends, who can visit Christmas - Police Care UK to donate if possible.


Where your money goes


£10 would buy a year’s access to the wellbeing app to support those who are experiencing anxiety and or depression.

£50 would enable us to provide a clinical assessment to a police officer or their partner.

£100 will pay for 1 session of the trauma focussed therapy to serving or retired police officer.

£1,000 will help retrain a veteran and give new skills after leaving the job because of ill health.

£3,000 could help the child of a serving or deceased police employee towards their first higher education achievement.


Click Here


Best Wishes,






We have received the following request for Claire Jenkins-Robinson and it is published here for the information of our members should they wish to consider contributing to this worth while cause.

Hi Paul,


I hope you are well.  I’m just wondering if you’d be happy to post this gofundme link on the website.  I’ve been working on a project to create a memorial plaque to be installed at the crash site of ME685 on the 80th Anniversary next year and we are crowdfunding towards costs.  We would also like to extend the invitation to attend to anyone who might be interested.  My French contact is meeting the City of Toulouse officials on 8th January to finalise details and I can forward those to you in the New Year.


The reason for the request to NARPO is that my cousin who was the navigator on the Lancaster was a Cardiff Policeman from 1939, Stan Sayce.


I hope that you won’t mind the request and can assist me publicising the fundraising.

Kindest regards





Some of our members may recall our article about Flight Sgt. Stanley Sayce who served in Cardiff City Police between 1938 and 1941 before he enlisted.  To view some images of him please visit the CCP REUNION page located under the WELCOME menu of this website 

For those of you who are on Facebook and want to know more please copy the link below into your web browser:


For those who wish to make a donation to this appeal please click below:


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