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Branch History

Image courtesy of South Wales Police Museum Cardiff City Police Mobile Unit circa 1933




In March, 1948, a group of retired police officers of the Cardiff City Police Force formed a branch of the National Association of Retired Police Officers. The first Chairman was

Alec Trigg ( the father of Alec and Des Trigg ) and the then Chief Constable W.J. Price agreed to become the first President of the branch.


The Presidency was passed to Chief Constables W.F. Thomas and T.G. Morris until a change in the constitution allowed the branch to appoint a President from members at its Annual General Meeting.


The first such officer of the branch was Stan Stewart, a long-standing Chairman of the branch. He was followed by Laurie Shepherd and then our current President, Geoff Baker both of whom had held the post of Chairman.


Many individuals have made significant contributions to the development of the branch for which current members are very grateful. The branch has provided representatives at regional and national level including our current President who was a prominent member of the National Executive Committee for many years.


The primary aim of the Association is to safeguard the rights of members and to promote measures for their welfare, with particular regard to pensions. Two members of the committee have a welfare liaison role whilst all committee members actively support the branch’s objective to assist anyone in need of support or assistance. The National Executive Committee at Wakefield is fully supported in its determined efforts to protect our pension rights towards which we contributed a significant proportion of our salaries.


The branch is represented on the South Wales Police Benevolent Fund Management Committee.

Strong links are maintained with the force and direct contact with the Chief Constable through twice yearly meetings is welcomed.


The social life of the branch has always been strong and is still very well supported. The days of the extremely successful dinner/dances are gone but today’s events such as the Spring Lunch, the Christmas lunch and the quizzes attract large numbers and are often over-subscribed.

The following are Life Members of branch after providing many years of support:


Geoff Baker.
Howard Evans-Williams.

Maureen Evans-Williams.

Jim Denning.

Gerry Parsons. 


NARPO - Cardiff Branch History

Bell 206LT Long Ranger Helicopter about to land outside the 'Old' Headquarters Control Room, Bridgend. Isn't there a Roundabout in Cardiff displaying all those roadsigns and a lot more.  The Police were one step ahead even then when it came to works of Art. Image courtesy of South Wales Police Museum.

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