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 Health Issues 

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 

(World Health Organization, 1948)

The health page has been created to cater for various items that can be used to assist us all in getting that bit healthier as well as providing an area that can be utilised by our members for sharing health tips, publications, recipes etc.  So if you have something that might be of interest please feel free to put it on an e-mail, letter, back of an envelope and send it in.  Others may find your information invaluable.


We have received the following from Mr. Jeff Barley which is placed here in its entirety.  Mental health issues can impact anyone at anytime.


Hi Paul, 

After the coverage you gave to my recent song it stayed at No1 for 3 weeks sliding gradually to Number9


However, as it is MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK  this week, my poem, What will I Be, has had a surge of plays and has taken my music to number 2 in the reverbnation charts. 


Knowing that there are still many who suffer in silence, particularly in the job as we speak, Perhaps it is worth putting it out again. 

Speaking out about MENTAL ILLNESS is the first step towards better times and a positive step forward for recovery.


Perhaps you would circulate this text and link to all of your outlets. 

If it only reaches and influences just one person who is suffering in silence then as we say, JOB DONE


Within the Wales area we are fortunate to have a wonderful organisation who will assist all emergency service workers.  Originally set up to assist military personnel WOODY's LODGE also serves to help us.  They now have the following bases from where they can assist you:


Amelia Trust Farm, 5 Mile Lane, Barry, CF62 3AS


Eirias Park, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, LL29 8BN


Penlan Farm, Penrhiwpal, Llandysul, SA44 5QH

for more information about Woody's Lodge and how they can help you, or perhaps you can help them please visit their website:

you can also email them:                                    



Many thanks to our member Steve Bartley for raising this issue:This is for the attention of all men aged 65+.  

Men in this age group are risk of developing an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)  (Women are not considered to be at risk of AAA).  FREE screening is available through out Wales.  

It's a simple screening process that takes about 10 minutes to do and can ultimately SAVE YOU LIFE.  

It is only done once.
The process has already been operational for 9 years.  However men aged 74+ would not have been offered the screening and there are no plans for them to be contacted to offer the screening.

If you, or you know anyone who you think needs to have this, you / they can ring to make an appointment

The South East Screening Office number is 01443235161 

The South West Screening Office number is 01792453162

They encourage people to contact them to make an appointment.You can find more information about AAA screening by visiting their website:


NOTE FROM WEBMASTER:  a good friend of mine died of as a result of an AAA and he was below the scanning age.  It can and does save lives. 



For the information of our members the Police Mutual have produced fact sheets relating to the following issues:


Dementia.                           Neurodegeneration.                     Carer fatigue. 

These new fact sheets join the library of fact sheets on various topics located on the Wakefield website.


The fact sheets can be viewed by logging into the main NARPO website as follows:



GHIC to replace EHIC

The vast majority of our members who travel will be fully aware of the the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and following our withdrawal from the EU may have thought that the card was no longer valid.  Well that thought is wring the EHIC card still ensures that UK residents can continue to access emergency care in the EU.

On Monday 11th January 2021 the UK Government via the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) announced the introduction of the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC)  which replaces the EHIC.

Both EHIC and GHIC cards offer the equivalent protection and you only need to apply for a GHIC when your EHIC expires.

For more information please copy the link below to your web browser





Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board are asking residents of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan to return walking aids they are no longer using 


This Cardiff and Vale University Health Board (UHB) initiative aims to not only reduce waste, but save thousands of pounds of valuable healthcare money too.  After an injury or operation, people are often issued with a walking aid, such as a frame or pair of crutches, on loan to get them mobile again. 

But what happens to them when they are no longer needed?  Many are left in garages and attics to gather dust.  If unneeded equipment was returned, it could be refurbished and reissued to someone else, saving money as well as reducing waste. "Why not make it part of your Spring clean?”

Please return your walking aids to one of these locations:

 University Hospital of Wales:  Main reception - Concourse  Physiotherapy Department/Fracture Clinic or Emergency  Unit


University Hospital Llandough: CAVOC Reception / Physiotherapy Department


Barry Hospital:  Main Reception

If you require any further information please contact Rob Skellett on 02920 746933 or Jade Coleman on 02920 742643.

If you wish to return any other medical equipment as well as walking aids please call Cardiff and Vale UHB Joint Equipment Store on 02920873669 for the North and East of Cardiff and 02920712555 for the South, West and the Vale areas.

If you wish to return a wheelchair please call the Artificial Limb and Appliance Service on 02920313905.

Continuing Health Care and Nursing Care.


UPDATED 04/12/2017 - David A'herne

Continuing Heath Care (CHC) is ongoing care arranged and funded by the Welsh NHS through Local Area Health Boards where individuals needs are assessed as health based.


It can cover residential and non residential care.


If CHC is not applicable to a person NHS funded nursing care may be available.


This is a complex area of funding which can impact on members who are in care homes and have medical needs. Depending on circumstances they may be eligible to CHC or funded nursing.


To check on eligibility visit the following web sites.

Health in Wales | Continuing NHS Healthcare


Anyone believing they are entitled need to visit the above sites and have the information readily available in any discussions with a health board.


Lets be blunt nobody likes talking about their bodily functions but here is and article that might help to breakdown the barriers.  We are once again endebted to Mr Steve Bartley for providing us with the informations.  Please take note bowel cancer affects both sexes so check out the article and get yourself checked out as well.  After all you would soon shout if someone held a loaded gun to your head.





The branch are extremely grateful for the updates provided by Mr. Steve Bartley in relation to this and other issues


The Ageing Well Team at the Older People's Commissioner for Wales office had recently published 'A pocket guide on being dementia supportive'.  It provides useful tips about how to be more supportive to people living with dementia. Even the smallest action can make a big difference.
If anyone would like a copy/copies they can contact my colleague by emailing:

We have a large quantity printed so it is not a problem if large quantities are  required.
In addition to this, the Older People's Commissioner publishes a quarterly  Newsletter providing information on a variety of topics that affect older people. If anyone would like to receive the Newsletter via email or in the post, they can email:

(Please provide postal address if hard copies are required).

In case of your readers are wondering what age is an older person, the strategy in Wales identifies 50 as being an older person. The Older People's Commissioner supports people aged 60 and over as is set out in the Older People's Commissioner Act.
If any of your readers are involved with groups of older people, we also give presentations about issues that affect older people in Wales. Ideally, presentations would be for groups of around 15 or more.
Please contact me if anyone would like further information:


LATEST UPDATE:  (10/05/16)




You can also find out a whole lot more about the ageing well team and dementia support by click on the website link below:


Alzheimers / Dementia


Would you like to know more about Alzheimer’s or dementia? Do you know anyone who’s been affected?

This free guide is for anyone who is currently living with dementia, their carers, friends and families, as well as people who are worried about their health.


Get your questions answered with this 16 page Alzheimer's and dementia guide, created by Alzheimer's Research UK. If you know someone affected by Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia, or if you're concerned that you might be affected by the condition, this guide is for you.


Click on the link below to get your copy of the guide





Did you know that about a third of the most common cancers could be prevented? World Cancer Research Fund are the leading authority on preventing cancer related to diet, weight and physical activity.  Almost all of us are affected in one way or another by cancer. But we are not powerless. Around a third of the most common cancers could be prevented.


Today, you can benefit from our latest research with this free pack containing:

•Free Food Labels guide in a credit card–sized sleeve, to find out what the food labels really mean for your health

•A wallet-sized Magnifying Glass to keep on you to make it easier to read food packaging

•10 ways to a healthier you guide empowering you to use healthy living to help prevent cancer


For your free guide / pack please click on the link below:






Then this might be for you!!!!!


Pilot participants wanted now to test a new service for people with dementia in Wales


Please click here to find out more


If you have recently undergone surgery, and want to help the scars heal, but more over reduce the scar visibility to a minimum.... Your webmaster recommends MANUKA Honey No 10 or above.  Having had major heart surgery (double bypass) which also involved the removal of veins from both legs the amount and length of the scars was quite large.  One of the patients in the cardiology Ward recommended the use of the honey as he had used it on previous occasions and showed where the scars were, they were just feint lines on his legs.
I can also thoroughly recommend its use, a teaspoon in some hot water once or twice a day really helped and now you can hardly see where the scar is.  I have also recommnded it to others who have in the main had similar results.  Try it it took about 6 - 8 months for me but was worth it.
Health  Wise Wales
You may recall that we published an article in which you were invited to take a further look into the proposed work of Health Wise Wales (see Welafre Issues for the original article).  Since the publication of that item Health Wise Wales have now published their first News Letter in which they provide more information about what they intend to do etc.  Please take the time to read the newsletter and make contact if your interested in helping them further.
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