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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions? ---- This page will be updated with questions and their answers as and when they are recieved and an answer published - To raise a question please put it in writing to the Secretary by using the contact e-mail facility on the contacts page. 

The questions and answers will be published in alaphabetical order.





Q. I am a branch member and I / a member of my family have a small business can I advertise it on the website, and if so how much will it cost?


A. As long as your a fully paid up member of the Cardiff Branch, we will allow an advert on the website 'Free of Charge' if the company has their       own website we will provide a link to it in order that the members can see what the business is all about.  Please note the branch will NOT be

    involved in any disputes that may occurr between your business and any member clients that may purchase from you?







Q. Will you send me an e-mail when there is something of interest on the website?


A. As long as you have either pre registered that preference with the secretary, OR completed the newsletter sign up application on the

    site WELCOME page, then you will be notified of lots of various updates as and when they are made to the site.  You should also be

    aware that the branch are looking at the concept of mobile data exchange (text messages regarding important updates) to keep you

    updated as well. However this is for the future and may require some consulation with the membership to ascertain their views

    before undertaking any advancement.





Q. What about social events how will I book them?


A. See comments under functions




Q. Have we got a Facebook account, and how do I join it?

A. Yes, on Facebook of 'CLOSED ACCOUNT' name is NARPO CARDIFF.  Once on the page simply request to join.  Your request will go through the same verification process as an apllication for access to the MEMBERS ONLY SECTION.  We may message you seeking additional information so please respond.  As soon as the verification is complete you will be authorised and notified accordingly.



Q. I have forgotten my password and cannot access the Members Only section what can I do now?


A. The first thing is DO NOT PANIC lots of us forget them (webmaster included), the second thing is DO NOT TRY TO SIGN UP AGAIN, if you do it will trigger some of the security systems in place to prevent unauthorised access.  

So Here is what you do:

(1) Go to the LOGIN screen as normal, complete the e-mail section as normal.

(2) Leave the PASSWORD section blank.

(3) Below the PASSWORD Box, you will see 'forgotten password' in blue.

(4) Click on the text and follow the 'ON SCREEN PROMPT'

(5) After a short while about 10 mins or so check your e-mails, you will find an automated e-mail that will 

     provide you with a link to create a NEW PASSWORD.

(6) Go back to the login screen and complete it using the New Password and your in.




Q. With the new website will there be a change in how we as members apply to attend the event now the request forms        come out with the newsletters, what is going to happen in the future?


A. One of the reasons for introducing a website was to keep members informed of everything that is going on in the branch, and within

    the locality. It is also being introduced because of the continued high cost of postage to send out the newsletters and function

    notices etc.  By utilising the web, it is envisaged a much more dynamic approach to notifying members will be undertaken with the

    publication for four 'ON LINE" newsletters a year.  When a function is planned and ready to proceed to membership application then

    the appropriate application form will be published on the web along with a newsletter. The application form can be printed off and

    forwarded with the fee to the Social Secretary, and will be dealt with on the usual fisrt come first served basis.







Q. There are lots of pictures on the website, can I download / copy and print them out?


A. All images / Pictures on the website are held under copyright of the photographer who has kindy given permission for them to be reproduced within the website.  Most images carry details of the photographer, who you can contact to ascertain if they will allow you to download / copy or print them off.


In relation to images taken at NARPO lunch events, you should be aware that these were taken with a camera using a specific setting to create images for use on a comuter / website.  As a result the image file is extremely small and although the image appears good on the computer screen in printed format it will produce a very poor grade of image. 






Q. How can I magnify what I see on screen?


A. See comments under TEXT.




Q. Will the branch send messages to my phone, whenever the site is updated?


A.  At present No but we constantly review the methods by which the committee keep their members updated, and it could be utilised

      in the future, but there would have to be a great deal of work undertaken to obtain all the members contact details etc.





Q. Can other members of the public simply put in an e-mail address and password and get access to the members only area?


A.  No they cannot, once a member has signed up to gain access to the members only area, they will only be able to do so after their 

     sign up request has been verified by the webmasters. If there is any issue with regards to membership it will be referred to the 

     branch secretary who will verify the sign up request with member details held on record.




Q. I am on the website, but it does not appear to be operating correctly there are lots of bits missing or the writing of one paragraph is

    over the top of another, why is this and what is wrong?


A. The NARPO- CARDIFF branch website has been written utilising the latest web page designs and languages including the HTML5

    formatting unfortunatley this is NOT supported by certain older web browsers. Please check which web browser you are using and         download the most up to date version. If you are using MS Internet Explorer then you will need Explorer versions 9 or 10. If your

    computer will not operate on this browser. Please download Google Chrome and you should find it works.









Q. I have problems reading the text on my computer, is there anything that can be done to make the print larger, or is there

    something I can do to make it bigger?


A. This website has been designed utilising what is described as a 'sight friendly font and size'.  If we have a large number of queries

    with regard to text size we may consider altering it in the future. However it may be at the cost of something else on the site,

    based on the amount of screen space etc an increase in font size will require for all users.


You can however if the text is too small for you to read easily increase it on an individual basis dependant on your computer, and your internet software here are some tips:




If you are using Internet Explorer from Microsoft you can 'ZOOM OR MAGNIFY THE TEXT' by holding down the CTRL key and pressing the + sign. Each press of the plus sign will zoom the screen one stage up.  To ZOOM out again hold down the CTRL key and press the - key.




Follow the same instructions as those for Internet Explorer>




Safari is usually located on 'Apple' manufactured computers and their associated applications. To ZOOM hold down the CMD key and press the + key, again to Zoom out hold down the CMD key and press -.




Open Thunderbird View, then Zoom, Select Zoom out or Zoom in to undertake whichever role is required.










Q. I do not have Microsoft office or any other word processing type software on my computer, I cannot open, read or print the

    application forms for functions etc, what can I do?


A. All word documents despite who creates them and what version of word they are created are subject of a small editing

    technique by the webmaster which re-saves them in a format that is readable by virtually all versions of word and other

    word processing type software. I.E. they are all saved in the Word 95 - 2004 file types.  However, we have recently become

    aware that some members do not have any form of word processing software.  In order to allow for reading of documents

    you can download a Word Viewer from the Microsoft Web site via:


   OR If you would like to use a word processing MS Office type of office application without having to purchase anything you    

   could always download an 'Open Source' office suite type of product such as Apache Open Office.  Simply copy the below link

   into your web browser search bar and follow the download instructions:-





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