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Musical Note

Welcome to the books, music and other things page (formerly known as members submissions).  This page has been created within the public area of the website in order to allow both our members, members of other branches and anyone else who visits the website access to the talents of a number of our members.  It is hoped that in doing so visitors will click on the links to other locations and listen to the music, or purchase items the royalties / profits from which go to local charities.

Please be aware that whilst every effort has been made to ensure that any item you are about to download is free from any viruses etc. NARPO Cardiff Branch will not accept any responsibility if for any reason your computer becomes infected and the infection is subsequently attributed to this download file.

Should any member wish to share their talents then please contact the webmaster and discuss the matter further.  


Please note this is an entirely 'FREE' service.


Once again Jeff has been able to get into the studios and record his latest song 'I Don't belong'  which is sure to become another great hit for him.  why not turn up the volume sit back relax and have a listen.  Simply click on the link below:

You can also watch the music video created by Jeff by clicking on the below link.  The choice is yours;



It has been quite a while since Jeff Barley has been able to get into the recording studios due to the dreaded Covid and numerous other issues.
However, he recently wrote this piece and seized on the opportunity to record it as the studio was up and running again.


The song is all about Betrayal, Lies and Deceit in relationships and I have put a video together to complete the story.  So why not sit back, relax turn the volume up a little and listen to hear the song simply click on the link below



Have you ever sat and wondered about the glorious days of the Cardiff City Police, and in particular their Rugby team???We are extremely grateful to Mr Ian Tumelty, who when undertaking the disposal of old items from his home during the lockdown came across this little gem, which should rekindle memories for those retired Cardiff City Officers who played the great game.  

I wonder how many of us would know the tunes that accompany the words in the Cardiff Police RFC - Songbook.  

Please click on the link below:    



This time it is from the pen of Mr. John F.Wake.
'The Madding of Eli McNamara'
This is the 13th book, from John F.Wake  but only the second fiction. The book is set in late Victorian / early Edwardian Cardiff, and even though fiction, has many real historical story lines and locations.

Published by Pwntan and available via Amazon in paperback (£6.99) and Selling well with good reviews.                                                                                                                                                                                                10/2021


We have all been waiting a long time, but book No9 in the crime thriller series written by the partnership of Arthur Cole & Nigel C. Williams has now been published:


is now available for purchase via Amazon.

The front cover to the book involves a photograph taken by retired SWP  Control Room Operator Sandra Beer.                                                                     




Following his recent illness our singer / songwriter Mr Jeff Barley  has not had the opportunity to return to the recording studios to record any new material.  He has however taken the recording below from his back catalogue.  We hope you enjoy the song which is about so many people find themselves in when their love lives fall apart

It is called 'In My Little Corner,' and I hope that the lyrics will speak for themselves.



Mental Health in the Police Service

An all to often 'TABOO' subject for Police Officers when they consider their own health and welbeing both in service and in retirement has been made subject of a poem by Mr. Jeff Barley.  He has placed his own life experiences into words for us all to listen to and perhaps take comfort in the fact that we might not be as alone as we think we are, especially in the current Worldwide situation that none of us can control.

To hear and see the accompanying visual presention please copy the link below to your web browser or simply click the link





Just in time for the Christmas stocking fillers:

'DARKEST CARDIFF - A PEEK INTO HELL' the latest book (No6 in the series) from the pen of Mr John F. Wake has now been released in paperback format as well as an e-book. There is quite a bit on policing in old Cardiff.  To loacte / purchase please click on the links provided below:


ebook edition:


print edition:





It has often been said that 'the pen is mightier than the sword'  but in todays modern society the pen has given way to the computer.  


We are fortunate to have received a number of Short Stories written by our members.  Plus have access to various books authored by retired local Police Offices.  

'The Close of Autumn'  -     A poem from the pen of Mr Jeff Barley  please click on the blue link below to read the poem

Please click here to download his contribution

'New Beginnings'  - A story of hope and inspiration in a chapter of life from the pen of Mr. Jeff Barley


The book is available to download via the icon below.  Members who choose to download this book do so on the understanding that the copyright of the book remains with Mr Jeff Barley.  The book will download as a PDF Document which you should be able to read directly

on screen. Should you experience any issues please contact the webmaster.


NARPO Cardiff Branch recognise the hard work, effort and pain that writing this book may have caused the author, and wish the author every success.

Please click here to download his contribution.

' Choices '   -   A short story   -  From the pen of Mr. Alan Buck


Please click here to download his contribution

'Delivery Day '    -   a short story    -  From the pen of Mr Alan Buck


Please click here to download his contribution



As well as joining forces with Mr. Nigel Williams in writing the Terry McGuire thriller series, Arthur Cole has also been extremely busy composing poems.  There are currently three books of his poems available for purchase at present via Amazon.  If you are interested in poetry please take the time to check out Arthur's books.

Click on the image below to reveal the book cover title and image 

The Terry McGuire Thriller series

What started life as a one off collaboration in the writing of their first crime thriller together has resulted several years and many hundreds of thousands of words later as a series of books by the team of Arthur Cole and Nigel Williams

The list below are the books currently available penned by the intrepid duo the royalties from the sales of these books being donated by them to local charities.

Unethical Conduct

Edge of Integrity

Death and Depravity 

Angel of Death

Nest of Vipers

Night Hawker




All the above are available to purchase via Amazon both as hard copy format or in an electronic version for reading on tablets, etc.

" I Believe That Everyone Has A Book In Them” are the words of  Author David P Perlmutte,

The webmaster is so glad that Arthur & Nigel decided to write 8 so far as it means he doesn't need to.

Books by John F. Wake
John Wake has been writing historical books for quite some time.  They certainly make the reader re think some of their knowledge of things they were taught at school.  The following is a list of the books that John has written, which our members may find interesting.

'The Cruel Streets Revisited' 
'Cardiff. Those Cruel and Savage Streets'
'Why Shoot David Thomas?'
'And Tiger Bay Died Too' (second edition out 2019)
'The Mermaid of Cardigan Bay'
The Camelot Inquisition'.
 'The Horrors of the Dead House'.

Books by Mike Tarver


As you are all aware we notify our members about the successes of our members and members of other branches for their literary, musical and other talents.


It has recently come to our knowledge that our member Mr. Mike Tarver is an established author and explorer and has written two books 


SS TERRA NOVA (1884-1943)
Whaler, Sealer and Polar Exploration Ship
ISBN 09552208-7




The Man who found Captain Scott
Surgeon Captain Edward Leicester Atkinson (1881-1929)
ISBN 978-09552208-14


You can find out more about these books by visting the website:

Musical Note


We as a branch are fortunate to have many gifted members whose talents know no boundaries such is the case with the musical contributions the record and make available to us and the members to listen to.  We hope you enjoy them:

To listen to the particular  recording please click on the BLUE coloured tag which will link you to the website containing the item and any associated video.  If you have made a recording, and want to sahre it with fellow members then please contact the webmaster for mor information on how you can share it:

The Songs of Jeff Barley

Jeff Barley who served with the South Wales, Gwent and Humberside Forces bought his first musical instrument, an acoustic guitar in October 2011.After just a handful of lessons he felt the urge to write his own lyrics and put them to music .

Jeff has developed a writing style all of his own which is current, relevant and true to life, examples of which are to be found on this website.

It is fair to say that when it comes to life, Jeff has been around the block a few times which can be felt in his lyrics as he puts his experience and those of others who he has met along the way into his music.

As his good friend and talented musician Ron (TUG ) Wilson once said, "Jeff writes from his heart and sings from his gut" That is Jeff for you, 'Honest, Thought - Provoking and not UN-prepared to share his emotion in his songs. So go on, give em a play, after all it is free to use!!!



A song written with a social conscience that highlights the plight of many elderly people who find themselves in a world that shows little respect for their generation.

'The Doorway'

A song written with a social conscience for those with a social conscience and seeks to highlight the plight of so many homeless people and the direct correlation with Mental Illness. How can you ignore it?  

PLEASE, Don't forget about me - the No1 download hit on Reverbnations download lists. 

A song which provides a social commentary put to music, and inspired by the closing of yet another community service within the South Wales Police area and how it will impact on the the local people.

'Silver Ponytails' 


Jeff obtained his inspiration for this song and lyrics whilst on holiday in the USA.The thing that struck him was that so many of the bands consisted of ageing rockers with all the rigours of the 'rock and roll circus' engrained in their faces. and I asked the question, "where do they go from here?.  Well, the answer lies in his song with accompanying home made video, 'SILVER PONYTAILS.'

'Past Present and Future'

The latest release from Jeff Barley in which Jeff outs his thoughts of life to music in the 'haunting yet realistic' look at life.  Once again Jeff has supplied us with a link to his song and accompanying video.

'Wrapped in a Spin'

Jeff Barley has once again been hard at it in the recording studios and hs just released his latest recording, which may help those of us who are still undecided about what to do with our votes on 23rd June.  Have a listen to 'Wrapped up in spin' before then and see what you thin


'The girl who had it all'

As many of our members will know Jeff Barley is a regular musical and lierary contributor to this website and as always we thank him for giving us the opportunity to hear and read his works as soon as they are completed.

This year is no exception Jeff has just finished his latest musical creation and has allowed us access to this latest creation. In time for Christmas​​

'In the Bible I Believe'

Jeff Barley has once again returned to the 'Shabby Road" recording studios after a little absence and this time he has written a Rock Hymn'  a piece of upbeat Worshipful Praise, which Jeff came to write after attending Church in the USA whilst on holiday recently.  


The recording this time is based upon the life of Jesus, 'The greatest story ever told' you may say, so here in just 7 minutes of song is the story. 

To hear the song and watch the accompanying video please click on the link below.   It is suggested that to appraise the recording you may wish to turn the volume up a tad.

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