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Full details of obituaries will appear below.  Acknowledgements and IN MEMORIUM notices will be found under the WELFARE menu

The placing of an obituary notice on this page will only be undertaken on receipt of instructions from the Branch Secretary, or from the Branch Secretaries from any of the other Branches of NARPO within the South Wales Police area.

It is with regret that the Officers and Committee members of the NARPO Cardiff Branch notify our members of the passing of the following, Acknowledging that some may not have been members of the branch, but they were former colleagues, and friends of our members and were a part of the larger Police family in their lifetime.

O'SHEA: Terry it is with deep regret that we inform our members of the recent passing of retired P/Sgt Terry O'Shea.  Terry served in both the Cardiff City Police and South Wales Constabulary.


2:00 pm Thursday 7th March at St. Joseph's Church, New Zealand Road, Cathay, Cardiff  CF14 3BR.






NARPO HQ at Wakefield have from the 1st March 2022 introduced a an exclusive members - only gated content area on their website 

This is designed to ensure that their advice on on pensions, offers and other alerts remain exclusive to NARPO members.  Selec areas's of the Wakefield website will now require a LOGIN to access the gated area.

The current password will be found in ISSUE 109 of The NARPO NEWS Magazine or by LOGIN to the members only area of our website visiting the top of the COMMITTEES CONTACT Page 




The branch committee and in particular the Social Secretaries Frank & Mel Stockham, are already busily reserving dates and commencing arrangements for events in 2024.  The following dates should be entered in your diaries / wall calendars as being NARPO events with further details to follow nearer the time.

Friday 8th March 2024 SPRING QUIZ NIGHT Fairwater Conservative Club, Ely Road, Cardiff

Wednesday 1st May 2024 - SPRING LUNCH Whitchurch Golf Club, Cardiff

Friday 31st May 2024 - 55th Anniversary of the Cessation of Cardiff City Police.  Lunch at the Leonardos Hotel, Park Place, Cardiff

Wednesday 4th December 2024 CHRISTMAS LUNCH  Whitchurch Golf Club, Cardiff



DATE: Tuesday 12th March 2024 

VENUE: Fairwater Conservative Club, 61 Ely Road, Cardiff CF5 2by

The Branch Annual General Meeting will commence at 14:00 hours and will be followed by the bi-monthly committee meeting.

It would be good to see more members attending the meetings and becoming involved in the running of the branch affairs.  We would particularly encourage our recently retired members to attend and perhaps consider joining the committee bringing with them new ideas for taking the branch forward in the years to come. 

02/2024. PB


Some of our members may already be aware of the below information which was recently circulated on Facebook by Mr. Colin Briggs.  Having spoken to Nigel this afternoon he has kindly given me permission to publish the information concerning his health on the website.

The following is the original information that was published by Colin and is repeated here for the information of all our members, and others who will read it.  We will continue to keep in contact with Nigel and keep members updated in due course:

'I have some news about former force firearms instructor Nigel Brown.  He has given me his permission to post this.
Nigel has been suffering from a form of blood cancer he was recently advised he needed stem cell treatment. However, he informed me that he has been told that there is no treatment that is a benefit to him and that his medical advice is that he has around six months to live. These are Nigel's words I am sure that many will be shocked by this however at this time Nigel has not mentioned anything about people contacting him so I think it would be in his best interest for him to be given time to take everything in.'

02/2024 PB


Paul Hooper memorial.JPG

We are most grateful to Mr. Ian Tumelty for providing the branch with an image of the memorial font in the name of Cardiff City Police officer Paul Hooper.

The font is located in St. Albans Church, Swinton Street, Splott. Cardiff CF24 2NX
It is by the Alter and used by many before receiving Holy Communion, and is also used by the choir coming from the sacristry. 

Since the image appeared on our Facebook group some retired officers commented saying they did not know it was there.  The image is placed here to benefit all who read this item and to ensure it is retained for future knowledge.

02/2024 PB 


The following information has been received from NARPO HQ Wakefield and is published here for the benefit of all members.


Dear Colleague


Some Branch Secretaries have contacted HQ regarding information being circulated by their Members and on social media concerning Scheme Sanction Charges


I contacted and met with Clair Alcock, Head of Police Pensions for National Police Chiefs’ Council to discuss this issue and to understand the background with regards to the charge being implemented. 


The Scheme Sanction Charge is a charge related to an unauthorised payment.  An unauthorised payment happens when a commutation lump sum is above the Pension Commencement Lump Sum (PCLS) threshold.  Unauthorised payments have been happening since 2011 when commutation factors rose and the size of the lump sum increased.


There is a member charge of 40% of the unauthorised payment, and a 15% charge known as scheme sanction charge, which should be paid by the scheme, but some scheme managers have been passing this charge to the member


As background to this issue-


  • In 2010 the commutation factors changed to above 20, that breached the HMRC maximum limit introducing the unauthorised payment charges, and with them the scheme sanction charge.

  • Neither Home Office or HMRC were able to advise scheme managers on how to treat scheme sanction charges and who should pay these. 

  • Scheme managers are responsible for managing, administering and governing the scheme.

  • Scheme managers who took the decision to pass the charge to the member should have an audit as to why the charge would be passed to the member, and their reasoning. 

  • Since 2021 when a national pension team was established within NPCC, advice has been given on the matter of the scheme sanction charge.


The charge should not be passed to the member, because the scheme rules do not allow it.  The finance act 2004, says in section 239 paragraph 2 that the person liable to the scheme sanction charge is the scheme administrator.  To clarify for the purposes of the term ‘scheme administrator’ they mean the scheme manager - Finance Act 2004 (  Therefore, the person liable is the scheme, and the scheme sanction charge is not chargeable to the member if the pension scheme rules do not allow for it, the 1987 regulations have never been amended to allow the scheme to deduct the tax charge from the member.


Retired officers who paid tax on their commutation should have received information from the Force. In that information it would state if a Scheme Sanction Charge had been applied.


NARPO’s advice is for Members who have had a Scheme Sanction Charge applied should contact their Force Scheme Manager, the Chief Constable or Commissioner, not the Pension Administrator, to ask for the Charge to be repaid. 


This information is also on our website-





02/2024 PB



STANLEY SAYCE (CCP 1938 - 1941)

Bomber .jpeg

Stanley Sayce was a Constable in Cardiff City Police between 1938 and 1941 at which point he like so many others joined the RAF to help in the war effort.

On the night of the 5th April 1944 at 20.20 Hours, Lancaster ME 685 EM-C set off on a night mission from Spilsby Air Base in Lincolnshire England to bomb enemy air craft works in Montaudran France.

Some reports say the mission was a success but at 0.30 hours on the 6th April the Lancaster received a direct hit by German flak, exploding the Aircraft with such force that pieces of the plane were scattered all over the Southern district of Toulouse.

All 7 crewmen were killed.

RAF 1057241 WO John R Senior, Captain (Pilot) ️

RAF 1819373 Sgt Arthur F Woolley (Flight Engineer) ️

RAF 1318013 Flt Sgt Stanley W Sayce (Navigator) ️

RAF 1601667 Flt Sgt John T Read (Air Bomber) ️

RAAF 415706 WO William (Johnny) Waycott (Wireless Air Gunner) ️

RAAF 423780 Flt Sgt Frederick T R Bruce ( Mid Upper Gunner) ️

RAF 1852344 Sgt Henry Wilson (Rear Gunner) ️

All 7 crewman are buried together at La Fourgette Communal Cemetery in Toulouse France. ️

Lest We Forget.

The following has been received from his cousin and is self explanatory:


I am emailing to confirm that the memorial plaque will be inaugurated in Toulouse on 6 April and to extend the invitation to attend to any of your members who may be interested.  The Mayor of Toulouse will be attending along with other French dignitaries and media.  


There will be 21 family members attending and the day is planned to start at around 9 am in Montaudran, the location of the crash.  We will visit the two museums with the exhibitions dedicated to the crew and the engine discovered in 2014 as well as the CWGC graves in La Fourguette where we will place wreaths.


Please can I ask if the Association would be prepared to make a small donation in memory of Stan Sayce as we continue to fundraise towards the cost of the plaque.

If any member would like to contribute they can do so via the link below:

01/2024 PB


Not many people appear to know about this issue and the associated petition that goes with it..  It could impact on you or someone you know who lives in a rural area.  Please take the time to read it and its possible impact, and if you feel you want to support it then please click on the link and sign the petition.

All is quiet on the Triple Lock at the moment but concern is growing over the rushed switch over of traditional landlines to a broadband based system (VoIP or Digital Voice), due to be completed throughout the UK by 2025. Many personal and burglar alarm systems are incompatible with Digital Voice and there is no means to make emergency calls in a power cut or an internet outage, unless you have a reliable mobile signal. Vulnerable customers are also worried about the increased costs of new contracts and equipment. 

So Silver Voices has allied with the Digital Poverty Alliance to publish a petition on the official government website, calling for a delay in the forced switchover for at least five years, until all these issues of personal safety and reliability are sorted out. 

Please sign and share the petition on the following link! 

01/2024 PB


The following has been received from Wakefield and is placed here for the benefit of ALL NARPO Members.


Serve and Protect Credit Union have launched a limited-time Fixed Saver account, offering a guaranteed return of 5% AER


Are you looking to earn a guaranteed return on your savings? Serve and Protect Credit Union have launched their latest fixed-rate savings account.


Serve and Protect Credit Union (formerly Police Credit Union) are a not-for-profit organisation designed to help people in the police family to save money for their financial future.


Their Fixed Saver account allows you to deposit from £1,000 up to £10,000, with a guaranteed return of 5% AER over a term of 12 months. Your savings with Serve and Protect Credit Union are also protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, covering you up to £85,000.*


By opening a Fixed Saver, you not only earn a competitive return on your savings, but you also play a vital role in providing affordable loans to those who serve and protect the nation.


Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer! It’s available on a first-come-first-served basis, so act fast. The product is available throughout January and just requires you to complete a simple application online.


Note, if you are not already a member of Serve and Protect, no worries, you can still apply, but you will have to do so by the 26th of January 2024.


To apply or learn more about the Fixed Saver, visit:


*£1,000 minimum deposit required. Fixed Saver 12 Month Term: 5.00% AER / gross. Closing date for applications on 31 January 2024.

New members must apply by 26 January 2024 Offer may be withdrawn earlier. Serve and Protect Credit Union membership required. T&Cs Apply. 

01/2024 PB


We have received the following from a NARPO member, offering a great deal if you fancy a break in the Harrogate area.  Please mention NARPO Cardiff if you make contact with them


We are a police family - I retired after 30yrs service in 2008 and Lisa retired after 30yrs service in June 2023.


We again offer in 2024/25, almost exclusively to Narpo, our Garden Flat (as advertised in all issues of “Narpo News” and the Narpo website) which sits underneath our property, in the centre of Harrogate. This will be let out by the night (minimum 2 nights) to discerning sensible folk and will not be on any website or public social media.

It is a great alternative to a hotel bedroom.

We are a gentle 5 minute walk (650yds) into the town centre, with wonderful Spa town amenities - Turkish Baths, Valley Gardens, the 200 acre Stray, Trains to York and, of course, Bettys Tea Rooms. Also a great selection of Bars and Restaurants and using Harrogate as a base - many attractions such as Fountains Abbey, Brimham Rocks, Thirsk (the home of Herriot) and the beautiful town of Knaresborough and its riverside walks.

The Garden Flat has off-street parking for one vehicle and we can securely accommodate bicycles on site. It enjoys a private front and rear entrance and has the benefit of fast fibre BT broadband throughout. The whole property is professionally redecorated annually. The flat consists of one double bedroom, fitted wardrobes. Full size fitted kitchen with an eating area with stools and high end appliances, plus the essential

Champagne and Wine glasses. A utility room with full size washing machine, full size vented tumble dryer, iron and ironing board. Bathroom with shower (no bath) and the lounge has the usual furnishings, USB charging and a brand new smart tv with freesat.

On arrival tea, coffee and biscuits will be there to use and a pint of semi-skimmed in the fridge to get guests off to a good start. Following a warm welcome, we will be discreetly absent, but handy should a problem emerge. Inside the flat will be town centre street maps, a free parking disc for use elsewhere in town and brochures of nearby attractions.  

If you have one, well-behaved, quiet dog - please ring. (a dog fee of £10 per night would apply)

The business end! The cost for Narpo or the wider Police family remains at £95 per night (18% reduction from the standard rate of £116 per night)


Any enquiries to me, Dick Rothwell, via or 07894 577370

01/2023 PB


The following has been received from John Metcalfe on Gwent NARPO and is published here for the benefit of our members.  If any member is interested please make direct contact with John.


Hello Paul


Happy New Year to you. 

As you can see below, Gwent NARPO/GPPA are arranging a trip to Normandy, France, from 13th to 16th May 2024 to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the ‘D’ Day Landings. We have an excellent itinerary and we are staying at the three star Ibis Hotel, which is situated on the Quayside at Caen, very close to shops, bars and restaurants. 


Our guide is John Giblin, who is well versed in the history of WW1 and 2,  as well as the ‘D’ Day Landings. The trip also features a visit to a Calvados Distillery and the beautiful Port of Honfleur. 


We have some spare capacity on the coach, therefore, I’m wondering whether any of your members would be interested in going. If so, the contact details are listed. 


If there are any questions, I would only be too pleased to answer them. 


Many thanks 


John Metcalfe - Gwent NARPO 


01/2024 PB


The Spring Quiz this year has been brought forward to March, because there are two other NARPO functions close together..

The date for the Quiz is Friday March 8th 2024 - Meeting at 7:00 pm for a prompt start at 7:30 p.m. 



01/2024 PB


Details of the next No 8 RCS Renuion have been finalised and are availble to view on the EVENTS page of this website.  


01/2024 PB


The below has been received from Mr Allan Crocombe Glamorgan branch secretary and is published here for the benefit of our members and other visitors to the site.

Some members have been receiving an E-mail from XPS Pension Administrators over the last couple of days.  Being concerned that this E-mail is yet another SCAM - inquiries were made by a recipient of XPS by telephone to ascertain the authenticity of the E-mail.  He was informed that the E-mail was a genuine enquiry from XPS in relation to accessing his pension account - he had not been a regular in checking his monthly pay details and had not previously set-up a link since the paper pay-slips had stopped being delivered. The E-mail offered him the opportunity to now do so.


Whilst this E-mail checked out positively, care should always be taken in opening E-mails from an unusual sender and in this case a quick telephone call to XPS on 0330 0545504 confirmed that this was the case.


Allan Crocombe

NARPO Glamorgan Branch Secretary

01/2024 PB


The following item has been received from Wakefield and is published here for the benefit of all our members and other visitors to the website:


Dear Colleague


The following information may be of interest to your Members.


On 9th February 2023, the law changed, extending Bereavement Support Payments to cohabiting partners (provided the claimant has a child or children)


This was in the May 2023 edition of NARPO News.


People who are eligible must apply by 9th February 2024 to get the full amount of backdated payments. They can still apply up until 8 November 2024, but will not get the full amount.


There is more information on the following links-





01/2024 PB


If your planning a holiday, perhaps something really special, then please take a look at this which we have received from Wakefield via our branch secretary Mr. Paul Hayes


Hello Paul and to your local NARPO group


My name is Keith Norman and I work for Wendy Wu Tours who provide award-winning Group touring holidays across the globe as well as being the UK’s number 1 Asia touring specialist.


It really is holiday booking season at the moment 


Wendy Wu Tours are a GOLD PARTNER OF NARPO and we offer your members an exclusive member discount of 5% above any other offers when booking directly with us.

That’s in addition to any discounts we may have running!


Additionally, it's a great opportunity if your group was interested in doing any group tours with us?


My email is and my contact number is 07983 474493


It would be great to hear from you and if you want to know more orhave any questions please let me know


Many thanks



Keith Norman

Specialist Sales

Wendy Wu Tours



The Branch is looking for a volunteer to undertake the role of Branch Welfare Officer.  Anyone interested, please send an email expressing an interest to




A local Fancy Cress Company is seeking to provide one of our members with a Santa Suit (FREE) for charity purposes.

So if you want to dress as Santa next year and raise funds for charity or perhaps run a race dressed as Santa please contact Tony Hinchey on 07977 550005  and we can get you on your merry way in 2024.

Just like the real thing there is only one available 


You may recall that back in September 2023 we advised our members that the branch was undertaking a detailed review of the branch records of all members, in order to ensure that the branch was fully compliant with the General Data Protection Rules.

This essential work is still 'Ongoing' with many hundreds of branch records to be checked and validated.  You can help ease the pressure on those undertaking the work by completing the GDPR form that was circulated in September and submitting it as outlined below.  If you have already done so please accept the committee's grateful thanks.  In the meantime we wish everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2024


The form is a MS Word .DOCX file and will download to your computer download folder.please complete the form on your computer, save it, and then forward it to the following email address:


If you experience difficulties downloading the MS Word file via the above link.  Please click on the below to receive a .pdf document.  Please print the document off, complete it using a pen, scan the document to your computer, and forward the scanned copy to the email address above:

CLICK HERE FOR .PDF file format




Following a recent message from a member concerning a security issue surrounding the availability of event application forms on the 'Public Area' of our website.  With immediate effect, all future event application forms will only be made available via the EVENTS page located within the SECURE MEMBERS ONLY area of the website.


Notification of the event will still be placed on the NEWS HEADLINES page, but members will need to LOGIN to the MEMBERS ONLY area to obtain more details and download any application forms,


The security of our members is paramount and we regret any inconvenience this will involve.  If any member has issues regarding accessing the MEMBERS ONLY area please contact Mr. Paul Bryant (Web Administrator) via the email template located in the CONTACT US page. 


Members who would prefer to be notified about events via the Royal Mail are requested to contact Mr. Frank Stockham (Branch Social Secretary) via the template on the CONTACT US page in order that their details can be placed on a separate mailing list.  


We thank you for your continued support and trust this will not deter you from applying to attend any of these events.




The below has been received from NARPO Wakefield and is published here for the benefit of all members


Please find below update from Kerry McMahon-White, Head of Police Mutual



As one of our key strategic partners, I would like to share an important update with you about the next phase of growth and development for Police Mutual.

By way of background, in 2020 Police Mutual Assurance Society (PMAS) became part of the Royal London Group (RLG). Royal London ensured that Police Mutual had a more sustainable future and a stronger financial position to continue to operate as a business. At the same time, Royal London also recognised the importance of the core business relationships within the UK Police Service, as well as maintaining the Police Mutual Committee of Management, now named the Oversight Committee, for continuity and to protect the culture and ethos of the business.


When Police Mutual joined the Royal London Group, it was acknowledged that the general insurance and healthcare products sold by Police Mutual, are not central to Royal London’s core business and it was always the intention to carry out a further review to ensure that the Police Mutual business could secure a long-term future with the growth prospects and investment it needs to thrive.


Royal London has announced it has reached agreement with Bspoke Group regarding the sale of the general insurance and healthcare elements of the Police and Forces Mutual businesses (Police Mutual Healthcare (PMHC) and Police Mutual General Insurance (PMGI)). It is proposed the entities will be sold together in one transaction (subject to regulatory approval).


Core to the considerations has been finding a buyer with the right strategic and cultural fit, who recognised the heritage of the businesses and its supporting of the UK Police service. On that basis, and following a robust market process, Bspoke Group has been identified as the acquiring firm.


The Bspoke Group specialises in niche affinities and specialist businesses. Their management team has shown a clear drive to continue to nurture and strengthen the relationships with our key business partners and to continue to invest in and grow the type of activity and support that Police Mutual is known for. The Bspoke Group has also confirmed they want to continue to support and harness the ethos and values of Police Mutual through financial education, wellbeing support, and the ongoing sponsorship of events, such as the Police Bravery Awards.


I am pleased to say that the current team and management structure will remain, and I will continue to lead the business. This move will bring increased opportunity and we will be in touch to discuss how we can support you in 2024 and beyond.  We believe this is a positive step forward for Police Mutual and its customers and will enable us to grow and develop the products and services we offer to you and your colleagues.


Customers’ and Police Mutual colleagues are expected to transfer to Bspoke in early 2024. There is no immediate change for customers and all servicing and claims will continue to be processed in the usual way.


It remains business-as-usual for the team, and I will provide updates as the sale progresses.



The following has been received from Wakefield and is reproduced here for the benefit of our members:

At the November NEC meeting No5 Region Representative, Ahmed Ramiz, brought a petition regarding an Injury on Duty Award Scheme to the attention of the NEC. The NEC supported the petition being distributed to the Branches, should Branches and members wish to get involved. Information on the petition can be found on the national website here:



No1 CopperPot began in 1986 and have a growing membership of over 40,000 members, we are proud to be one of the biggest police credit unions in the UK. We were rooted in Greater Manchester Police and Leicestershire Police before merging and growing in popularity, this led to our expansion across all UK police forces and we now have a payroll deduction facility available with 30 of those. 

We have three main aims, which are to

The products and services we offer are designed to meet the needs of the Police Family. We aim to provide a secure and affordable alternative to traditional financial institutions which puts our members first.



Earn 5% AER on up to £40,000. Exclusively for No1 CopperPot members...

Our Fixed Term Deposit is back and allows No1 CopperPot members to save up to £40,000* of new funds into the Credit Union, fix them for 12-months and earn 5% AER. If you're not yet a No1 CopperPot member you can join before applying to open a Fixed Term Deposit. 

Applications close on the 29th of November and the fixed term begins on the 1st of December. You must transfer your funds into No1 CopperPot by this date or the account cannot be opened. Please be aware this is only available to new funds, you cannot transfer existing Credit Union funds into the Fixed Term Deposit.

For more information please click on this link:

or copy it into your web browser



Many retired officers are commenting on various Facebook groups, including NARPO Cardiff, that they are not receiving paper-based copies of the monthly pension notifications.  This is also followed by entries asking how the pensioner can get the information online.  In order to assist those who wish to access their pension notifications online the below is a guide on how to set up an account with XPS and how to access the account once it is set up:


FIRSTLY make sure you have the following details:


  • National Insurance Number

  • Date of birth

  • Email address

Go to  From the welcome screen select POLICE PENSION SCHEME

On the next screen from the GREEN COLOURED HEADER BAR select MEMBER SELF SERVICE.
When the next screen appears click the GREY Coloured button SIGN UP TO MSS
On the next screen CLICK on SIGNUP and follow the instructions presented on the next screen pressing the SIGNUP button when completed.


Go to  From the welcome screen select POLICE PENSION SCHEME
On the next screen from the GREEN COLOURED HEADER BAR select MEMBER SELF SERVICE.
When the next screen appears click the LIGHT BLUE Coloured button LOGIN TO MSS
Follow the on-screen prompts for information e.g. User Name, Password and verification data check. These will have been set up by you when setting up your account.

Once logged in you will have access to your XPS online record including payment notifications etc.

TIP:  There is a lot of information here, but please check out the box marked PENSION DETAILS it will provide you with details of your current annual pension figure.  BUT, more importantly, it also provides a figure relating to your Contingent Long Term Spouse's Pension.  If this figure is blank or £0.00 contact XPS advising them their records are incorrect providing them with details of your spouse etc and they will update the record accordingly. This figure is the pension your spouse will receive once you pass away.

If you have any queries please contact XPS and not the author




Our branch secretary Mr. Paul Hayes has now set up a Twitter Account in order that our members can tweet him with any queries etc.

The account is named




The following has been received from NARPO Wakefield

Circulated to all Branch Secretaries. 


Good Afternoon All, 


Following a review of the current travel insurance provision, with effect from June 1st 2023 NARPO have made the decision to transfer from Towergate to a new provider. The new Travel Insurance policy will be provided by P J Hayman & Company Limited and be sold and administered by The Civil Service Insurance Society (CSIS).


More information on the new travel policy can be found here: and will feature in the upcoming issue of NARPO News and New Horizons. 


Kind Regards, 




The link above will take you to the main NARPO website.  The full article is subject of the GATED WEBSITE ACCESS and will require the member to LOGIN.  Please see the GATED WEBSITE CONTENT article above to locate the password.  If you are reading this item and are not a member of the NARPO Cardiff branch, please contact your branch secretary to ascertain details of the password




Yes we know it's a bit early (12 months away) but it gives you plant of advanced warning.  We have received the below from Nige Brown who is reproduced here in full.

I am organising a 50yr reunion on Friday 18th October 2024 for any ex cadet serving in 1974.

The drink/catch up will be held at the Army Reserve Centre, W Plas Rd, Litchard, Bridgend CF31 1PA or if not available it would be in a function room at a local pub in Bridgend.

If anyone interested can message me or contact me at thanks very much.

Just to jog some memories the images below are of the 1974 Cadet Intake, Please click on the image to enlarge it.



The latest version of the NARPO Rule book has been published and is available on the Wakefield website




click on the link below: 

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