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Full details of obituaries will appear below.  Acknowledgements and IN MEMORIUM notices will be found under the WELFARE menu

The placing of an obituary notice on this page will only be undertaken on receipt of instructions from the Branch Secretary, or from the Branch Secretaries from any of the other Branches of NARPO within the South Wales Police area.

It is with regret that the Officers and Committee members of the NARPO Cardiff Branch notify our members of the passing of the following, Acknowledging that some may not have been members of the branch, but they were former colleagues, and friends of our members and were a part of the larger Police family in their lifetime.


We know that many of our members when becoming aware of the passing of both retired or serving officers often wish to pass on messages of sympathy and condolences to the family.   Unfortunately, COVID prevents members attending the funeral services and undertaking this in person.

We have been asked if we can release the addresses of the family as part of the obituary notice in order that members may be able to write to the family and offer their condolences in that manner.  This has been examined and due to the Data Protection Act implications this cannot be done.


However, whenever possible, we will publish the details of the funeral directors as part of the obituary and members can then make contact with them to arrange for messages of sympathy to be delivered to the family.  


We are aware that a number of funeral directors have 'On Line' books of condolence into which members can place their message.  If we know of that facility it will also be mentioned in the obituary notice.






BRANCH A. G. M. 2021


Following a recent 'ZOOM' meeting of the NARPO National Executive Committee it was unanimously agreed to suspend the rules regarding annual general meetings.

The effect of this decision is that we will not hold an Annual General Meeting within the usual timescales this year.  We will keep you informed of future arrangements in due course




Just when you had got used to the current 20 MPH limits introduced in the area.  The Welsh Assembly have decided to introduce a new 20 MPH pilot in Cardiff North.

The following is an extract from a circulation made by Julie Morgan MS for Cardiff North

Great news that parts of Cardiff North will pilot the new 20mph zones for residential areas in Wales.

The Welsh Government announced yesterday that Whitchurch, Tongwynlais, Heath, Rhiwbina and Llandaff North would be among the pilot areas.

This is ahead of the national roll-out of default 20mph speed limits in residential zones across Wales in 2023.

Decreasing speeds reduces accidents and saves lives.

Find out more here:




For those of you who might be considering visiting Rhiwbina anytime soon.  Or those who have not spotted the signs as yet.  BE WARNED.

TYN - Y - PARC Road will be CLOSED as of 22nd February 2021 for a period of 4 weeks.  For the upgrading of the mains gas supply.

This closure will lead to lengthy delays to traffic in the area so please be patient .                                                                 02/2021

The road closure will effectively commence at the junction with Tyn y Parc Road with Manor Way (A470) along its length to the Junction with Pantbach Road where temporary traffic lights will be positioned to cater for the road closure and diverted traffic.  The links below will access a map of the area supplied by the contractors showing the closure area.







Many thanks to Mr Paul Stephen forupdating us with the following


Cardiff and Vale UHB have commenced the role out of vaccinations for those people in the 60 - 65 age group.  

 you can book an appointment by ringing this number  (029) 2184 1234



As webmaster I am fortunate to have many contacts with whom I liase over various items in order to create or maintain items of interest to our members.


One of my contacts is Mr Ross Mather who will be known to many retired officers across the force.  Following retirement as a Police officer Ross took the helm as curator of the force museum.  He also started to create his own collection of Police related historical artifacts and memorabilia.

Ross subsequently created the Virtual Museum of Policing in Wales which is located on Facebook and the website 

On behalf of the members of this branch and the other NARPO Branches through out Wales I congratulate Ross and the Virtual Museum of Policing in Wales being recognised in the February 2021 issue of NARPO News .... for those who haven’t seen it yet check out Page 11



On behalf of the members we offer our congratulations to Thomas Clode who during his retirement picked up his camera and has taken many stunning images around the area, which many will have seen on Facebook and other locations.

One of his images of Castell Coch, Cardiff has been selected by CADW and the Custodian of Castell Coch to be used in their media channels.

Thanks Tom for providing us with a copy of the image,   Once again:



Yes we have published a short thank you from Tom in the past.  But today we have received the following he wanted to expand a little now the kind words and messages regarding Simon have sunk in so to speak.



I'd like to start by thanking each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart. Your kind birthday messages and gifts were truly unexpected and greatly appreciated... Approaching this birthday I was not only reminded of not having my old man here to buy me my first pint (he wouldn’t have been able to anyway🤣!)


But the stories he’d always touch on and say we’ll leave that one for your 18th ! This year I not only reached adulthood without my dad keeping me in check when my mum wasn’t.  But I reached a year that means I will have been living longer without dad here than I lived with him here.  With this brought many sad factors such as not remembering things like his voice or his massive hands. The man I used to look up as a god was someone who I could now only remember by really thinking hard or through videos.


So having so many great stories involving my old man being shared with me was really amazing and I can’t Thankyou enough for taking the time to tell them to me. You not only made my day, but my whole families too.   The stories you sent will stay with me forever and will be brought out every once and while when I’m struggling to remember what a truly amazing man my dad was.


Best wishes to you all,




The press release is self-explanatory and SWP wishes to reach out to those now retired Officers who were directly, or indirectly, involved in this significant & traumatic investigation.


Please note by clicking the above a copy of the press release will download to the downloads folder of you computer and can be read there



Due to the continued COVID related restrictions the proposed events of both the Spring Quiz which usually takes place at the Rhiwbina Recreation Club, and the Spring Lunch at the Whitchurch Golf Club are CANCELLED   Likewise the Branch AGM which usually takes place at the Rhiwbina Recreation Club is also cancelled.




In these days of 'SMART' technology here is something I recently found out that you can do with iPhone's, iPad's and similar technology from other mobile device providers.

Did you know that you can also use your device as a scanner, scan in documents  and notes to them and then email them to wherever they need to go.

If you did, then please feel free to skip the rest of this information, but if you didn't and you want to know more, please read on.

This information maybe invaluable to parents, grandparents etc who in these difficult times are trying to help family members, with things such as submitting homework to teachers etc.

If you need to scan anything then you can use the 'NOTES App'

Open a new note, press the camera button, the option to scan document will pop up. Once the document is scanned you can email it easier than a photo, plus you can add notes to the scanned doc.


Once you’ve scanned the document, it saves it as a document in notes. From there, you can open the note, click the 3 dots in the top right corner n you can “share” the note, by text or email etc 

The webmaster has been advised that this also operates on other smart mobile devices, but has only been able to vaildate this on his own iPhone and iPad 

Hope our members find this useful



We have been advised by WIX our web service provider of a change in some security protocols that will impact on the administration aspect of the members access to the members only area of the website.

Please be aware that if you change your sign up email address the admin section of the website maintenance will not be able to make any changes to your login account.   When necessary to undertake any changes on your behalf we will forward the necessary information by email to you.

The new process is relatively easy for the members but will involve some additional work by the admin team in order to maintain the enhanced security of the system



With 2021 fast approaching, those of you who enjoy cruising may want to consider planning now especially with the news from Fred Olsen of their plans to bring their ships back into service and start cruising again.  The ship relaunch plans are as follows:


  • Borealis: 23rd April 2021

  • Bolette: 29th May 2021

  • Balmoral: 9th June 2021

  • Braemar: Spring 2022

Fred Olsen cruises are a NARPO travel Partner and as a result NARPO Members can obtain various discounts on their cruises.

For more information and bookings please contact the Reservations team quoting your affinity discount code - 0800 0355 144 (Mon-Sat 9am-5pm)



The following has been received from NARPO WAKEFIELD and is published here in its entirety for our members information


We have been notified by ACC Forber of South Yorkshire Police that their Force are considering opening up the Miners’ Strike archives. The intention is to publish the material within the South Yorkshire Police Miners’ Strike Archive (‘the archive’), so that it is electronically accessible to all.  The aim is to release as much of the archive as possible into the public domain, However, before doing so, the Force is proposing to carry out a redaction process of some of the material prior to its disclosure.

Before releasing any material South Yorkshire Police are seeking the views of interested parties, including Staff Associations, Police Forces, National Police Chiefs Council and NARPO in relation to their proposed redaction policy.

Protecting our Members’ personal data and welfare are of paramount importance. NARPO has sought advice from our Data Protection Officer, and we have made an initial response to the consultation. We  will be making further more detailed submissions in due course to best protect our members and their welfare.

The matter was discussed at the recent NEC meeting and it was agreed to contact Branches on this issue, as well as providing advice to Branches and Members on ‘historical enquiries and events. 

Therefore, it is extremely important to remind our Members to exercise caution when responding to any requests regarding this, and any other ‘historical’ policing events. 

This includes refraining from posting any information and/or comments on any social media or other platforms on such matters which can be accessed or viewed by the public, which could lead to the possibility that it could be used in any future criminal or other enquiry.




Steve Edwards


T: 01924 331251









To mark the 15th anniversary of the building of the U.K’s National Police Memorial in 2005 The Police Memorial Trust are proud to announce the launch of their

new website.

The specially built website gives a unique insight into the work undertaken by the Trust over the last thirty five years. They unveiled their first memorial in 1985 following the murder of Yvonne Fletcher in St James’s Square, London.

It is a sad fact that the Trust have gone on to place a further forty nine memorials to a total of fifty five fallen British police officers.

The new website, ,will go live on Wednesday the 18th of November.

The launch date is especially poignant in that it marks exactly fifteen years to the day since P.C Sharon Beshenivsky was murdered in Bradford, West Yorkshire. In May 2009 the Trust unveiled a memorial to Sharon at the location of her murder. 

The Trust’s new website contains individual pages dedicated to each of the fifty five officers they have erected memorials to together with exclusive images of all the unveiling ceremonies.

Commenting on the new website The Chair of the Police Memorial Trust, Mrs. Geraldine Winner said:

“The launch of our new website marks the fifteen years since Her Majesty The Queen opened The National Police Memorial in The Mall in London.”

She added:

“The new website gives the families, the wider police family and the public a lasting historical record of the commemoration of the brave police officers who we have erected our memorials to. 

A new link has also been created from our 'IN MEMORIUM' page to the website




The South Wales Police Remembrance Day service at Police Headquarters was heavily restricted due to the current pandemic.  Only representatives from Headquarters based departments were in attendance.  We are most grateful to both Mr Ian Cameron for providing us with some images of the service and also to Mr Gareth Madge who has supplied us with a copy of the order of service and also a link to a short film of the service at Headquarters and of other locations across the force area.








On the 11th November 2020 the COMMONWEALTH WAR GRAVES COMMISSION launched a unique act of remembrance for armistice day.  This act would be like no other.

They had arranged to illuminate the night sky at 4 sites in the UK.  Cardiff was one of these sites and War Graves plot within the Cathays Cemetery, Cardiff was chosen as one of these sites.  Unfortunately, the weather played a major part in disrupting the serach lights that were going to illuminate the sky over Cardiff.

The images below were taken during the day at the War Graves site, and were also obtained from a direct download feed from the CWGC website.


Our grateful thanks goes to Christine Bryant for the daytime images and to the CWGC for broadcasting the event and allowing the screen capture of the cemetry at night.  We were not able to gain access at night as the gates were locked and security was in place.




Are you one of those persons who park on pavements, probably due to circumstances beyond your control  as most of us would never dream of doing such a thing.  Or perhaps you are a resident who is fed up with others parking on the pavement, you maybe someone who is forced to walk into the roadway because of vehicles parked on pavements.


However parking on pavements may impact on you here is something that might be of interest to you


The Welsh Government is to give local authorities the power to fine people parking on pavements. 

The attached document provides more information on the subject, please feel free to download a copy and pass it onto family, friends etc.




Wednesday 7th October 2020 witnessed the first ‘On Line’ NARPO Cardiff AGM, conducted via the use of ZOOM.  Despite a few minor glitches it was a complete success.




Mr Mike Baker has advised the committee that he wishes to relinquish the position of Social Secretary in order to concentrate his efforts on his candidacy for the position of PCC  fo SWP in the elections next year.


We are most grateful to Mr Albert Hayes and his wife Mo, who have stepped into the breach and will take over the running of the 2021 events subject to any obvious COVID restrictions etc.


(b) XMAS 200 CLUB  DRAW 2020  


During this years awful Covid pandemic, and the need to cancel several NARPO events which are partly subsidised from the monies collected through the 200 Club, it has been suggested and has been agreed by the NARPO Committee, that under the circumstances, and as a one off event, two extra prizes of £100 will be handed out in this Decembers 200 Club Christmas Draw, in addition to the normal prizes of £250, £100, 3 X £50 and £20, making a total prize pool of £720.

The draw will take place in the first week of December. Good luck to all members.


New members of the 200 Club are always welcome, please contact the Secretary Howard Davies through the contacts as listed on the NARPO website.


The draw for September, October and November prizes will take place in early November.


(c) DIARY DATES - 2021


The following dates have been set aside for the events as shown.  These dates will be subject to full confirmation in due course and will be dependant on any restrictions that might be applying in 2021:


QUIZ NIGHTS:   7.30pm Friday 9th April, 2021  & 7.30pm Friday 22nd October, 2021


SPRING & CHRISTMAS LUNCHES   12.30pm Wednesday, 19th May 2021  12.30pm Wednesday, 8th December, 2021


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2021   2pm Wednesday 7th April, 2021 




The Officers and committee members welcome Mr Paul Hayes onto the committee.





As a result of some issues concerning the continued use of virginmedia facilities by  myself  and after 35 years as a loyal customer we have decided to pull the plug on them.  As fortune has it we were already out of contract by several months which has made it a lot easier.


Undertaking this change also means a change in some of the email addresses both on a personal basis and also those at the backend of the NARPO Cardiff systems  The following new email addresses will apply as of 30/10/2020.  I will have a bit of work to undertake between now and that date with our website and e-bulletin service providers.  This should not impact on the day to day operations of the website etc, but changes might be noticed in the footer area of the ebulletins in due course that will reflect some of these changes




Paul Bryant =



NB there are full stops between the words cardiff & narpo and then narpo and adm1n  and yes there is a 1 instead of the i as part of the security measures


Could you please ensure you add the NARPO address into your email address book that way our messages  should not be bounced.  If you want to do the same with my personal email address please do so.



We are grateful to our member John Jones for bringing this article to our attention:

Today in the Wales online there was an article about the demise of Waterton Cross that was used by Wales Rugby Team for training. It also showed photo of South Wales Rugby team including Steve Cotterell.  Thought you might be interested to feature



John Jones

For those of us who did not see the article please copy the link below into your web browser




The 30th September 2020 was the National Sporting Heritage day.  

We are most grateful to Mr Gareth Madge and the team from the South Wales Police Heritage Centre for supplying us with the following links and documents in relation to some of the bygone achievemnts of officers from the forces that eventually became the South Wales Police of today.

Please click on the links to view the relevant items:

To View a short video compilation click on this link:               

To view an artice about some of the Sporting Heritage Moments            CLICK HERE





Following on from the Cardiff City Police cadets image.  We are again most grateful to Mr Terry Townend of NARPO Swansea for supplying us with the following images that he has scanned from a book he recently acquired.  The images have been placed in a gallery for ease of publication simply double click on the image to enlarge it.



WHERE WERE YOU IN 1965 - 66 ???

If you were in the Cardiff City Police cadets, then there is a strong possibility you are in the picture below.

Our grateful thanks goes to Mr Terry Townend (NARPO SWANSEA) who found this image in a book he recently acquired



The following message has been received from the Chief Constables office:

'Chief Constable Jukes has asked me to share with you a copy of an open letter which he recently wrote to the officers, staff and volunteers of South Wales Police. He has also asked me to pass on his very best wishes to you all during this challenging period.'

The below link will take you to a letter from CC Matt Jukes 




The following information has been received from NARPO @ Wakefield:

Good afternoon, 

As you will be aware Conference is not being held this year due to the pandemic, but nevertheless we have completed the Annual Report for your members’ information. As there is no ‘actual’ Conference we are not producing a printed version this year. 


In the coming days the report will also be made available on our website and the financial statements will be included in the November issue of NARPO News. 


Kind regards, 


Carly Scott 



Many of our members may recall that the Cardiff City Police Reunion Committee issued a commenerative 'Challenge Coin' at their 2019 Dinner. They have become a sought after item and perhaps a collectors items as well.

If you liked that challenge coin then we are sure you will also like to know about the following we are grateful to Mr Neil Godfrey for bring this to our attaention and that of our members:

Hi All, not sure if many of you are aware of the Police Memorial Trust.This charity raises funds to assist former colleagues and their families.  Please see the below information . 

Special Commemorative Challenge Coin To Remember Fallen Officers.

The 2020 National Police Memorial Day service was due to be held in the City of Lincoln in September but sadly the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic led to the difficult decision to cancel the memorial service for the first time since it's inception.  To help offset the loss of some of the generous donations that would have been made at the service The Police Memorial Trust have helped the National Police Memorial Day charity produce a specially commissioned challenge coin.

The coin features the crests of the National Police Memorial Day, The Police Memorial Trust and the Police Roll of Honour Trust. The crests are surrounded by the English, Welsh and Scots Gaelic versions of “We Will Remember Them".  On the obverse are the images of four police officers flanking the Union Flag.

Our Chair, Mrs. Geraldine Winner, said:

“We understand all too well that for all who were planning to gather at the ceremony this year the cancellation is very disappointing, not only for the fallen officers families but for all members of the extended police family.  She added: “We are pleased to have helped with the production of the special challenge coins and we know those who take the opportunity to own one of these stunning coins will find it a nice reminded of this year’s event.”

“We are also pleased to have been able to support this year’s service with the preparation of the virtual digital format which will be broadcast across the U.K and indeed around the world. A concept my late film producer husband, Michael, would have been very keen on.”

The Police Memorial Trust will not benefit from the sale of the coins as we have decided to donate our share of any profits to the other two charities.

Purchasing a coin will help the NPMD and the Roll of Honour Trust to join us as we continue in the work to ensure the memory of fallen officers are preserved, acknowledged and celebrated.

The coins cost £10 including p&p. To purchase one of the special coins please visit:




If your due to travel abroad, then you may need to be aware of this.  Many thanks to Lee Short for providing the update


Read on if your jetting off...

Just some info that might help if you’re planning on flying out of the UK.  This morning, I conveyed a client to Heathrow Airport.

A few days ago the client had a Covid-19 test which came back negative.

When we got to the airport I was requested to wait in the vicinity in case there were any problems.

Off I go for a coffee and forty five minutes later I get a call from the client saying that flight travel had been refused even though there was an evidential document saying negative test. My client wasn’t the only one refused travel.

The issue was that there must be a “certificate” as well as the negative test document (even though that negative result was from our valued NHS).

Needless to say I conveyed a very upset client back home.

I can’t tell you which airline my client was travelling with or which country travelling to because of confidentiality reasons but may I suggest that if you are thinking of going abroad in the near future, some countries might require different documentation regarding the Covid-19 virus.

There was no mention of this additional requirement on my clients flight documentation.



'DARKEST CARDIFF' a peek into hell

The latest book in 'The Cruel Streets' series 'DARKEST CARDIFF' was due to have been launched in hard back at the Motorpoint Area last June 17th, but Covid prevented that from taking place.  


The publishers are releasing it Worldwide on August 5th as an e.Book via both Amazon and google books.  The hard copy will be released later in the year. It includes the full story of the most arrested woman ever in Cardiff and South Wales. There is a pre-order button available just copy the link below into your web browser



Bishop Auckland MP, Dehenna Davison has recently put on record her commitment to support the mental health of retired police officers, after a meeting with the National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO).

To view the entire document please CLICK HERE 


Important information about AXA PPP healthcare Annual Travel Insurance has been received at NARPO Wakefield

To find out exactly what it is and how it could impact on you as a NARPO Member and as a member of the NARPO GROUP TRAVEL INSURANCE please either copy the below into your browser or click on the below link




 In these trying and testing times we all sometimes need a helping hand or somewhere to turn to for advice and guidance.  The below link comes from NARPO Wakefield and deals with a lot of issues including health and mental health.

Just click on the link below or copy the text into your web browser:



or copy the link below 





Over that last few weeks a number of our members have been submitting links to video clips which I have endeavored to view and if consider suitable to publish on the COVID19 LIGHTEN UP and SMILE page of the website.  Unfortunately, there appears to be some content within some the video clips, that will not allow us to upload the data files to our website.  Several different error codes are received, as a result the webmaster has attempted to find a work around solution without any success at present.

Members will notice that other video files are working on the same page, this is entirely due to the fact that we are not uploading the data file, we are merely uploading the address where the video data file is held.  At present most of these are on YouTube, and the link is opened by third part software on the members computer.

To those members who submit the video files and later find they are not on the website, please accept my apology, I am still trying to find a work around, and am holding the video files together with your emails, in order that I can publish them when I have found a suitable solution.



Have you ever sat and wondered about the glorious days of the Cardiff City Police, and in particular their Rugby team???

We are extremely grateful to Mr Ian Tumelty, who when undertaking the disposal of old items from his home during the lockdown came across this little gem, which should rekindle memories for those retired Cardiff City Officers who played the great game.  I wonder how many of us would know the tunes that accompany the words in the Cardiff Police RFC - Songbook.  Please click on the link below:




With all that is going on in the World, it is wonderful to report some good news stories, involving our members and the work that our Branch Secretary does behind the scenes that lots of our members never get to hear about:

In December 2019, the secretary received an email from Kerry Harding who lives in New South Wales, Australia. Kerry was married to Paul Harding who sadly died on 30th.June, 2019. For the last years of his life, Paul had developed Alzheimers and since he was not an Australian citizen, he was not entitled to any Australian health benefits. As such, the vast majority of their savings was spent on treatment and specialist care for Paul.

Kerry sent an email questioning whether or not her widow’s pension of £299 per month was correct. She and Paul were married when Paul retired around 1992 but then divorced. They spent seven years apart and then remarried. They were married when Paul died. Kerry stated that she was in dire straits and was petrified because bush fires were raging near to her home with constant smog and temperatures around 40C every day. After several emails, it was clear to the secretary that Kerry was in receipt of a pension based on a wife who had married after the police pensioner’s retirement. However, they were married when Paul retired and were married when he died and the secretary believed that she might be entitled to a full widow’s pension and that she should challenge her pension. Kerry was not able to pay for legal advice and did not wish to proceed.


The secretary told her that he would do his best for her if she wanted but he could not take the matter forward without her consent and she should give it more thought. Several days later, she asked him to take the matter forward on her behalf. 

The next month required numerous telephone calls and literally dozens of emails but eventually on 22nd.January, 2020 after a long period of silence, Kerry received a letter in Australia ( dated 10th.January, 2020 ) from Capita with an apology and confirming that she would receive a very substantial arrears payment and that her pension would be more than tripled for the rest of her life. Kerry was delighted. The bush fires had burned out, the smog had gone, the temperature was only 35C and she now had financial security.

We wish her well for the future.



Many of our members will by now have received their invitation to renew their NARPO Travel Insurance and might well be shocked at the premium and the fact that for a couple its been increased by just over £100.  The following is a tale of one of our members who did waht the invite suggested they should a look around for a cheaper alternative.  One thing with AXA and the NARPO INSURANCE is that you get a premium service and there are apparently no quibbles.  We have received a number of comments from members telling us how good the insurance company were when it came to making a claim.  But at the end of the day it is your decision.

'Just received this years travel insurance certificate and book from AXA, gone up just over £100 but compared to other companies who’s premiums have rocketed and those that are currently refusing to sell travel insurance this isn’t bad.


Did a comparison a couple of months ago and because of health conditions and ages one company quoted over £7000 and they thought they were doing us a favour'

   ----  UPDATE  ---- MORE GOOD NEWS      

NARPO TRAVEL INSURANCE   ---   A Claimants perspective:

As webmaster I have been entrusted to write this on behalf of our member who has previously had to make a claim.  She has asked me to write her experience after seeing some comments on Facebook concerning the recent Price hike in premiums:  Please Note The case is a genuine one, the webmaster has changed the name of the complainant for anonymity purposes:

Hello Paul,


I’m a widow member and have access to our NARPO Travel Insurance.

Last year I nearly died whilst on holiday in Barbados with my daughter. I was treated in hospital in Barbados and contact was made with the AXA Insurance from there.  After the treatments in Barbados the time came to repatriate me to the UK. Contact was again made with AXA and after discussions with the medical team a decision was made that I required surgery and it could not be done in Barbados, and it was too dangerous for me to fly back to the UK on a normal flight.

Instead, AXA arranged for me and my daughter to be flown by a private Lear jet with two medical crew to Fort Lauderdale, for the surgery. Initially we were put up in a hotel, but transferred to a different one a few days later. I then went to the hospital where the surgery was performed and later my daughter and I returned to the UK.

During the time I was hospitalised both in Barnados and Fort Lauderdale AXA were excellent.  Nothing was too much trouble for them to arrange.  We even had a chauffeur driven car to take us to the hospital appointments and wait to take us back to the hotel again. When it was time to leave the USA a chauffeur collected us , our luggage everything and took us to the airport for the homeward flights.


Later when we got back to the UK our claim was dealt with speedily. They even paid for the mobile phone bill which was over £500 for all the calls made to them regarding everything from both Barbados and the USA. As well as the costs of all the Taxi's taken by my daughter, to and from the hospital when I was a patient this was also a considerable amount


I will be renewing my policy again this year even though it has gone up, as far as I am concerned whien I needed to use them they were 100% there for me in my hour of need.  I have tried to post something on NARPO saying how good they are but apparently my messages pending for someone to authorise it to go through.  I have never previously had to make any insurance claims and must say that the first time I needed to,  AXA came up trumps.

I just thought I’d let you know thank you ever so much for reading this message



If you have been trying to contact the HMRC in these unprecendented times and have had problems, got stuck in the queue, disconnected after a long time well help may be at hand

HMRC have issued additional lines via the following phone number:


0800 024 1222


The HMRC call centre is open 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Thanks Dave A'herne




The following has been extracted from the DWP website and may prove useful to our members or their families and friends



Brought to you by the Department for Work & Pensions




Coronavirus support for employers, benefit claimants and businesses


Following announcements in the Budget, we are making temporary arrangements for those impacted by coronavirus.


Please share this information with your members, frontline workers and clients.


Information about coronavirus and claiming benefits is available on Understanding Universal Credit.  


For people already claiming support


Special arrangements will be in place for people in receipt of benefits who cannot attend reassessments or jobcentre appointments because they are required to stay at home or are infected by coronavirus.


  • Claimants who cannot attend a reassessment for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) or Universal Credit will continue to receive their payments while their assessment is rearranged. 

  • People who need to claim ESA or Universal Credit because of coronavirus will not be required to produce a Fit Note.

  • When claimants tell us in good time that they are staying at home or that they have been diagnosed with coronavirus, they will not be sanctioned. We will review their conditionality requirements in their claimant commitment, to ensure they are reasonable. 

  • Claimants who are staying at home as a result of coronavirus will have their mandatory work search and work availability requirements removed to account for a period of sickness. 

For people who need to make a new claim for financial support


We understand people who are required to stay at home or are infected by coronavirus may need financial support.


  • Those affected by coronavirus will be able to apply for Universal Credit and can receive an advance without physically attending a jobcentre.

  • The seven waiting days for Employment and Support Allowance for new claimants suffering from coronavirus or required to stay at home will not apply, so it will be payable from day one.


Employees and self-employed people


To make sure people in work can take the necessary time off to stay at home if they are suffering from coronavirus or to prevent its spread, changes have been made to Statutory Sick Pay and how Universal Credit supports self-employed claimants.


  • People who cannot work due to coronavirus and are eligible for Statutory Sick Pay will get it from day one, rather than from the fourth day of their illness. We intend this measure to apply retrospectively from 13 March.

  • Statutory Sick Pay will be payable to people who are staying at home on Government advice, not just those who are infected, this measure will apply from 13 March. Employers are urged to use their discretion about what evidence, if any, they ask for.

  • If employees need to provide evidence to their employer that they need to stay at home due to coronavirus, they will be able to get it from NHS 111 Online instead of having to get a Fit Note from their doctor. This is currently under development and will be made available soon. 

  • Self-employed claimants on Universal Credit who are required to stay at home or are ill as a result of coronavirus will not have a Minimum Income Floor (an assumed level of income) applied for a period of time while affected. 




The Government wants to ensure businesses are supported to deal with the temporary economic impacts of an outbreak of coronavirus.


Employers with fewer than 250 employees will be able to reclaim Statutory Sick Pay for employees unable to work because of coronavirus. This refund will be for up to two weeks per employee.


For more information visit the following websites:



Remembrance Day 2019 - Police HQ, Bridgend

This year the NARPO Cardiff branch wreath was laid at the Police War memorial Headquarters by Mr Roger Jones who was assisted by Branch Sec. Mr Alan Greaves.  The images below were supplied courtesy of Mr Gareth Madge OBE.  We have also been fortunate to receive a copy of a short video compiled from the service.  To view the video please click on the link below.



We are pleased to announce that the three 'Jed Prints' that were recently donated to the branch by our member Mr Roger Totman have now been found a new home at the Cardiff Bay Police Station. The article below appears in issue 100 (November 2019) NARPO News magazine.


The below photograph has been received via Peter Bassett from Glyn Northcott Who is now living in Melbourne, Australia. This photograph was taken in 1985 prior to Glyn leaving ‘D’ relief in Canton for Australia.  Unfortunately he returned a year later when he was then posted to ‘D’ relief in Central. He knows all of the names of everyone in the photograph but thought that it would be good to go onto the NARPO web site and see if anyone can recognise any. A few of them are no longer with us but still good memories.


As we are all too keenly aware of these days the Police Treatment Centres have been looking at ways to gain additional funding to keep the facilities open and available for both serving and retired officers (Retired Officers now have to contibute towards their stay/treatments)

In order to gain extra funding the Treatment Centres are now offering weekend breaks on a bed and breakfast basis.  the images below indicate the locations of the participating centres with some additional details.  Should any member wish to use these facilities please make direct contact with the relevant centre.




For those of our members who have an interest in the History of Policing especially within Wales the name Ross Mather will be known to many of you, and likewise so will the fact that he runs and operates a number of Facebook pages dedicated to the subject.

For those of you who may not have heard of Ross or his work then please read on especially if you have items that you think Ross maybe interested in adding to the collections.

Now retired Ross had 30 years operational service police officer with the South Wales Police. Joining the former Glamorgan Constabulary as a Cadet and becoming one of last Constables attested into that force before amalgamation and formation of South Wales Constabulary.


 An avid collector of Welsh police memorabilia for several decades. Former Curator / Custodian of South Wales Police Museum, Police Headquarters, Bridgend - (2010 - 2013). Ross totally revamped the museum, which had been closed for a number of years sowing the seeds for the force to further develop into a popular visitor experience and not insignificant educational resource.

Ross now operates Virtual Museum of Police In Wales on Facebook and also operates a website on which much of his colection (not all) is viewable.  More of his collection can be viewed via the website

The gallery of images below show items that have recently been donated to Ross for inclusion in the collection

'The items that were owned by the late John Webley. John was a Detective Sergeant in the Cardiff City Police and later South Wales Police.

Items show a mounted police truncheon complete with leather saddle scabbard, two pair of handcuffs, ratchet (Cardiff) and Victorian era pair which are stamped 'Glamorgan Constabulary'.


The spurs and leather boot spur fittings were used by the mounted police unit of Cardiff City Police and likely to be from about 1900 - 1910. 

The whistle and key are those which were issued to John in the 1950's when he joined the Cardiff City Police - the key being for a street located police box. There is also what is probably a Georgian / Victorian leather covered cosh.

All of the items were kindly donated to the Ross Mather Police Memorabilia of Wales Collection by his son Mark




The following images have been extracted for Facebook, and are supplied for the information of our members and all others who read the item.. Congragattulations to Chief Constable Matt Jukes he was part of #TeamSWP for the Police Unity Tour ride to the National Memorial Arboretum this weekend (26 - 28th July) 

It’s all in the name of the charity COPS (Care of Police Survivors), which honours fallen officers and offers support to their families.  The Chief carries the name of PC Jeffrey Pitman, who died on duty  50 years ago next month and was South Wales Constabulary's first fallen officer following the amalgamation.


We are now aware that CC Matt Jukes made a video cocerning this ride a copy of which is now available to view on the NARPO CARDIFF Facebook page





 For those members who have been unfortunate to have had South Wales Police make deductions from their pensions because of the fact that they are in receipt of ESA.  Getting the refund is going to be just as hard as it was to win the case.  The following has been received from Mr Dave A'herne (Branch Welfare Officer)


NARPO Cardiff has asked  how the Police Commissioner will repay any wrongly deducted money.


The South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner requires any retired officer who believe they are owed money  wrongly deducted on ESA to make a claim by writing to Leighton Hill Director of Legal Services at Police HQ "




You would have thought that as the PCC already knows who he has been taking the money from (illegally) then it would be just a tally up of what needs to be paid, and then send the cheque out.....  Why make life simple when you can really make it as difficult as possible.





John F. Wake

'Horrors of the Dead House' follows in the footsteps of Town and City 'coppers' investigating many of their worst and most harrowing of cases, and experiencing life at the sharp end of Cardiff's south side. Amongst the book’s detailed observations of Victorian/Edwardian crime, it also features a lost Tiger Bay police station, ‘Dead House’ and even Cardiff's very first police dog. 

Author and former Cardiff City Police detective officer John F. Wake brings to light the true-life injustices of Old Cardiff’s poverty-ridden back streets. 

An Open Space event to launch the book will be held on Tuesday 30th July 2019 between 12:00 & 13:00 BST at 

Cardiff Central Library Hub. Floor 4 Meeting Room, entry is free but to ensure you get a seat please use the link below to obtain a ticket for this event

SWP - 50th Anniversary

1st June 2019 saw the 50th anniversary of the formation of what is now known as South Wales Police, formerly South Wales Constabulary.  

The Force was created by the amalgamation of the police forces of Cardiff, Glamorgan Merthyr and Swansea

As part of the 50th Anniversary the force hosted a civic event at Police Headquarters, Bridgend some images of which can be seen in the gallery below (images copyright of South Wales Police).  The force have also created a video please click on the link below to view and also create a booklet, an 'on line version of which is also available by clicking on the elevant link below.


To view the Video 50th Anniversary - Recollections  please copy this link to your web browser   or 


To Read / Download a copy of the 50th Anniversary booklet







Travel insurance for non –UK based NARPO members

Travel insurance designed specifically for non – UK based NARPO members who live in the European Economic Area (EEA) or for UK based NARPO members seeking single trip cover only.


For further details please visit the dedicated NARPO /  voyager website


Or call The Health Insurance Group on 0800 389 7724. 


Please quote code NARPO15 to receive a 15% discount applicable to NARPO members.


Terms & conditions apply.

'Night at the Museum' Charity Ball Update

I am hoping that I am speaking for all of us who were able to attend the 'Night at the Museum'  Charity Ball in saying that the evening was excellent and very well organised.

For the foodies amongst us the menu was:


Welsh rarebit focaccia with mixed leaf salad & balsamic glaze


Roast chicken breast topped with leek and wholegrain mustard sauce

with season vegetables


Lemon mousse with chocolate pencil and shortbread


During the evening there was a raffle of 25 prizes some of which were highly collectable items,  followed by an auction of 2 tickets for the Wales -v- Soctland (Six Nations Game)  to be held at the Principality Stadium on March 14th 2020.

The raffle, auction and donations raised in excess of £4,500 for the chosen charity Velindre Cancer Care.  The entertainment for the evening was provided by way of a live band 'Los Devitos' and a disco.

For those of us who can recall those wonderful days of the 'Police Ball' held at City Hall, mention was made during the evening that as this event had been such a success in relation to the 50th Anniversary of the forming of South Wales Police.  The Eastern BCU are looking to returning to the days of an 'Annual Police Ball' commencing in 2020. 

So remember to keep an eye on our website for future announcements.  The gallery below shows some images taken on the night.  Please click on the image to enlarge 




Following our Parliamentary Drop-In last week we want your help to make more MP's aware of our campaign and help bring pressure on the Government to do the right thing.

The below link will take you to our website page where you can find a template letter to send to your MP together with a Parliamentary Briefing to include with your communication and a link to the Parliament website where you can easily find your MP's email address. 

We need to keep the pressure on Government to put an end to this ludicrous situation and;

As a result of repeated Government inaction on this issue, NARPO have reluctantly sought legal advice from a leading Human Rights Barrister in an effort to get justice for those women, men and children who are victims of this archaic and unfair regulation, which severely restricts their life choices. We have now received positive legal advice that indicates we have a sound case to pursue this matter under the Human Rights Act and in particular the right to fair proceedings under Article 6, the protection of property under Article 1 Protocol 1 and the Right to Respect for Private and Family Life under Article 8.


Attention Widow & Widower Members


As part of the continual maintenance program of our website ( and it’s associated facilities such as the e-bulletin service we are now in the process of ensuring our system is as up to date as possible.


To this end it is now necessary to ensure our services are delivered correctly. Previously, we have undertaken to retain contacts with our widow / widower members via the email addresses which related to their spouse, likewise any access to the members only area functioned in the same way.


However, it is now incumbent on us to ensure compliance with the various rules and laws and as a result deletion of the main members details will be necessary which will leave you somewhat isolated in not being able to retrieve or access the information you did previously.


With this in mind, the webmaster is requesting that you consider making contact with him in order to set up new email accounts (this can be undertaken at NO COST to you)and access points onto the system before any deletion of the spouses records commence.  


It is proposed to commence deleting these records from 1stMay 2019 thereby giving you an opportunity to set up new email accounts and access points before the deletion process starts.


If you require any further information please contact the webmaster, Mr. Paul Bryant via email:  at your earliest opportunity.


Many of our members will recall the mention of Woody's Lodge when it was first set up a few years ago and was based within the confines of HMS Cambria at Sully.

The purpose of this item is to bring our members up to date with the progress of Woody's Lodge, from those humble beginnings to where it is today and to remind our members, as well as operational officers and staff that Woody's Lodge is there for all emergency service personell as well those veterans from within the various branches of the armed forces.

Woody's Lodge has now moved from within HMS Cambria and is now located with the grounds of theAmelia Trust Farm, which is just off of Five Mile Lane on the edge of Barry and in the heart of the Vale of Glamorgan.

Woody's Lodge believe that the ethos and aspirations of the Amelia Trust Farm mirrors their own and is the perfect setting to continue growing Woody’s Lodge.  


Whats more in order to reach those who’ve served in the Armed Forces and Emergency Services more conveniently, they have also opened a Woody’s Lodge in North Wales based at Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay.

The work that Woody's Lodge undertakes cannot be over emphasised, they will provide help to those that need it when it is needed.


For more information,  if you would like to visit Woody’s Lodge or get involved in anyway, then please call 01446 781792 (South Wales) or 01492 533954 (North Wales). You can also email:  there is a large amount of information that can and will benefit you that is located on their website  please click

HERE to access that site

Old Police HQ .jpg

South Wales Police Heritage Centre 


Many of our members will recognise the building in the black & white image.  It has dramatically changed its appearance over the last 10 - 12 years with new buildings being construcated and an entire floor added to the building in the image.

We would like to advise our members that the South Wales Police Heritage Centre (more commonly known as the Museum) has now been returned and housed within the refurbished building.

The centre is open by appointment on Wednesdays of each week, and has already had 700 visitors since re-opening in April 2018.

 If you wish to visit please email the following to make the necessary arrangements:


Police holiday homes and apartments for rent or swap is a Facebook group operated by David Bevis a former Met PC and civilian with the BTP.  The Facebook page has been created to allow Police officers and staff both past and present can advertise properties for rent, or swap.  And where others can rent holiday homes with confidence from people that they can trust.


If you are a facebook user and you fancy a holiday somewhere different then why not have a look what is available via this group.  or if you have a holiday home, caravan etc that you would like to advertise then why not take a look or place an advert.  There are homes on the group within the UK, Europe, USA and Canada at present and as word spreads probably further afield in the future

A link to this group has been placed on the NARPO Cardiff Facebook group in order to make it easier for our members to view the group etc


The latest version of the NARPO Rule book has been published and is available on the Wakefield website




click on the link below: 


The NARPO Cardiff branch has recently reviewed its use of social media and specifically its Facebook page.


With immediate effect the previous restriction requiring that persons accessing the NARPO Cardiff Facebook page MUST be NARPO Cardiff members is rescinded.


Instead members of any NARPO Branch and serving Police Officers can now request to join the NARPO Cardiff branch Facebook subject to the branches continued verification policy.


Any access request will automatically generate a request for answers to questions the replies to which will provide the necessary information to validate the joining request.


The below will be the wording of the new greeting message on the NARPO Cardiff Facebook page:



This group is open to all members of NARPO and serving Police officers.  It should be noted that most of the items posted will be of interest to those residing in the City of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.  However, it may contain items that have a significance to others outside this area.  It is intended as a means of keeping members in contact with one another as well as providing an additional point for members to obtain information that may be of relevance to them, their friends family and former colleagues.

Members are free to post their memories, anecdotes, renew long lost friendships, maybe even organise a reunion of sorts. the world is out there waiting for you to get in touch. Please share any news, retirement do's, special offers, useful information, etc! and note that such information maybe copied and included in our website


Please be nice there are enough bad people in the world already, be respectful, DO NOT swear, no character assassinations etc. This is meant to be a lighthearted page, for lighthearted people and is used as a means of maintaining contacts and communication with each other.

Keyboard warriors or those who cannot abide by the RULES will be WARNED ONCE ONLY and will be deleted as members of this group if they continue to flout the RULES.

Please be aware that what you write about someone can and probably will be seen by them if they join at a later date!


Think before you post!

Please be careful when referring to people by name, particularly those people who still roam the earth. Only members can see what is written on the page, and only members will see updates in their newsfeeds!

Any member can invite another member to join the group, but only those with Administrative rights will approve that member and only after a verification process has been concluded.


Show More

Congratulations to Paul Phillips on the continued success of the "Loop". This year the "Loopers" collected £3471.00p.


That is a grand total of £25,206.00 since its inception.


The successful charities this year were Thyroid Cancer nominated by Paul Wilcockson, The Wallich Charity nominated by Jeff Barley and RNLI Penarth Lifeboat Station nominated byGerard Peterson. Each charity received a cheque for £1157.00. A presentation evening was arranged at The Central Bar in Windsor Place as part of the monthly Moday Club meetings.


Thank you to all who attended and particularly thank you for the money raised

(Steve Cotterell)

Many thanks to Denise Wilcockson and Leighton Love for supplying the images within the gallery.  To view the image click on it.  To view the rest of the gallery click the show more button


The below is the content of an e-mail received by Mr Jeff Barley from Mr. Michael Cowley Fundraising & Partnerships Senior Manager at the Wallich Charity.  The formal letter of thanks id also attached below for your perusal:

'Hi Jeff,


I just wanted to say thanks again for last night – it was a great evening and really nice to meet all of the ex-police officers. It was lovely to see the great relationship you all have and was a really fun and enjoyable evening.


Thanks as well for your hospitality – I really enjoyed the meal and was taken back by the generosity of the ex-officers in the charitable donation which will make a real difference to the lives of people experiencing homelessness in South Wales.


I’ve attached a formal thank you letter which I’d be grateful if you would share with the other members when you get the chance.


Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you soon.


Best Wishes,


Mike '

To view the letter click on the image below:



The year = 1961 (very rare)

The Vehicle = Ariel Leader 250cc two stroke - motorcycle 

The Reg No = 508LTG

Our trusted Police related vehicle historian Mr Karl Dillon has come up trumps yet again in locating images of the above named motorcycle, which was apparently used by Cardiff City Police under the Reg No 508LTG.  The images show the motorcycle bearing an age related registration number as the original has been sold on by a previous owner.

The mtorcycle as had a FULL nut and bolt restoration. including a complete engine rebuild and itt has been  rebuilt to as close to the original specification as possible. (radio gear is a mock up and non functional and just for appearance).Originally it would have had panniers.  It appears that the Ariel owners club have advised the current owner that there are only 4 examples of Police Ariel Leaders currently known to exist (hence its rarity)


The motorcycle is currently advertised 'FOR SALE' on ebay if anyone is interested in acquiring a piece of history, and the seller has all the relevant documentation surrounding the motorcycles history.

If you know anything more, perhaps you used to ride it, know where in Cardiff it was based etc.  Please let the webmaster know and all the information will be passed back to Karl to add to his records

If you are interested in purchasing the mototcycle click on the link below.  If not just click on the images to increase the size and bring back some memories!!!!




We have again been contacted by Karl Dillon who is a retired GMP officer but has a passion for old Police related vehicles and their history.  Karl has been advised that the Mark 3  Ford Zephyr 6 Estate car in this photograph was once in the service of Cardiff City Police.  The vehicle reg No is FKG802C

If youhave any information about the history of this car, perhaps you drove it etc please send the information to the webmaster via the e-mail template on the contact us page of the website and it will be passed onto Karl.

UPDATE 31/01/2017

The following update has been received from Mr. Desmond Lynn:

To confirm that FKG 802C was part of the Cardiff City Police Motor Patrol. The Force took delivery of two Zephyr Estate cars FKG 801C AND FKG 802C.They bought mainly to carry equipment to patrol and attend RTA's on the newly opened A48 dual carriageway in Cardiff. As a patrol car they were useless,. being automatics and under powered .They also suffered from brake fade which did not inspire confidence in the crews. As far as I am aware they were not upgraded for Police Traffic Patrol work other than two tone horns and a roof mounted blue light plus radio equipment.

UPDATE 02/02/2017

As a result of the update receive from Mr Desmond Lynn which was passed onto Karl Dillon he has also provided us with an image of the other Ford Zephyr mentioned by Des  FKG801C.  The photo appears to have been taken on the area of land outside City Hall just before the ramp into the underpass with the Crown Court building in the background.


Just in case you had not noticed, when you wish to LOGIN to the members only area of the site the SIGNUP / LOGIN screen that used to appear, has changed and now looks like the image to the left.

The procedure to LOGIN is still the same click on the white LOG IN button under the main area of the screen and the LOGIN screen appears and you complete it in exactly the same way.

The main reason our suppliers have changed the screen is to make it hopefully more user friendly, but in the background they have added additional security functions as well 

The branch officers, and committee trust that you will find the new screen easy to use etc.  if you have any issues / concerns please use the e-mail template on the CONTACT US page and drop the webmaster a message.


The Blue Light Card is available to all staff of:- 

4x4 Response -Ambulance Service -Army -Blood Bikes -Cave Rescue -Emergency Response Unit -Fire Service -First Responders -Highways Agency -HM Coastguard -HM Prison Service -Independent Lifeboats -Lowland Search and Rescue -Lowland Search and Rescue -Marines -MOD Civil Servant -MOD Fire Service -MOD Police -Mountain Rescue -Navy -NHS -Police -RAF -Red Cross -RNLI -Search and Rescue -Second Line Responders -St Andrews Ambulance -St John Ambulance -UK Border Agency - and Veterans.


If you are not sure if you qualify please get in touch and ask.

For more information and to register just CLICK ON THE LINK below.  Discounts can be obtained on a wide range of goods and services.  It costs nothing to register, unless you want a plastic acrd to use in high street shops.



As the vast majoirty of our members will know our member Paul 'Oddball' Phillips runs 'in-the-loop' which has been going for quite sometime and operates to keep retired officers 'IN THE LOOP' with what is going on.  Every year since its inception Paul has raised money via 'Loopers' contributions which has been donated to local charities and organnisations that have been put forward / recommended by the loopers.


This year was no exception and last Friday (29/04/16) saw the presention of some of the cheques to those charities that were nominated this year. The gallery below shows some images taken on the night courtesy of Howard Davies


Please click on the image to view as a larger image





For those of you who may follow FaceBook you may wish to know about a new Facebook group that has been set up by one of our retired colleagues none other that Mr John Francis Wake who is being abley assisted by Mr Jimmy Jukes who is acting as the administrator for the group.


The group is a 'CLOSED' group with only those who are members having access to the group and being allowed to post entries etc to it.  


If you want to join then search Facebook for Cardiff City Police (gone but not forgotten) or simply click on the link below;





HMRC -  Marriage Alowance



I have been contacted by one of our members who has suggested that it might be worthwhile to remind members of new a new allowance that became available in April, 2015 covering the tax year 2015/2016 and future tax years.  It is called the Marriage Allowance and in our case would normally  ( but not in all cases)  apply to the wife/husband/partner of a retired police officer where the retired officer  receives a  police pension whilst the wife/partner has an annual income of £10,600 or less. The allowance allows the wife/husband/partner to transfer £1060 of her/his personal allowance to the other party.

                                                            So,    if.....

  • You are married or in a civil partnership;

  • Your annual income is £10,600 or less (plus up to £5,000 tax-free savings interest);

  • Your husband’s/wife’s/partner’s income is between £10,601 and £42,385;

  • You were born on or after 6th.April, 1935.  ****

                                      then this opportunity might apply to you.

                                                         How it works....

Where it applies, H.M.R.C. (Her Majesties Revenue and Customs) will give the partner the allowance either by (a) changing their tax code which can take up to two months or (b) if he/she is self-employed, when they send in their Self Assessment tax return.

****REMEMBER – if you were born before 6th.April, 1935, you may be able to claim Married Couples’  Allowance  instead.


If you want more information or if you think this applies to you and you wish to take advantage of the allowance, you should log onto the government website at where you can make your application on-line. If you do not have the facility to deal with this issue on-line, or you do not wish to deal with it on-line, you should contact your local Inspector of Taxes. 


                                                             Good luck.                   Alan Greaves    Secretary - Cardiff Branch



Travel, Critical Illness and similar Insurances.


Several members have highlighted the below.


The Life and Travel Insurance provided by Phillip Williams, Brokers, via the Police Federation does not cover critical illness on retirement and has limitations for pre existing health problems.


These limitations are not unique to this policy.


It is worth checking any insurance policies you have , especially travel and cars , to ensure they have no hidden exclusions and they meet your needs .